Outdoor lollipopping question for the pro's

Hey there outdoor growing studs and studettes… I am a 2nd year Northern Oregon outdoor grower.
Last years crop was ok but buds were kinda small and loose.

I have 4 beauty’s in my garden this year and I’m interested in “experienced advice” please ( no theory) on lollipopping outdoors to increase bud size etc.

I understand “how” to lollipop but I’m confused as to “when”…

Should I do it continually in veg or should I wait till about the first of august when the plant first begins to go into flower?

There seems to be different trains of thought when an outdoor grower should lollipop…

I may be wrong but it just seems like lollying in veg too early would take away important leaf that the plant needs for photosynthesis to reach full veg potential

Bottom line…when do experienced big bud pros lollypop their outdoor mamas?

Thanks much

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ok so there’s no real definite answer if you ask me. What it comes down to is how well your plant is growing, and how you want it to grow.

For me, I don’t cut off low hanging leaves at first, sine they’re collecting sun for energy. I will prune off all the new growth! Anything that is low on the plant, or maybe I just don’t think that the new growth will be worth the energy and time of the plant, I will prune. I keep doing this until she’s in her 3rd week of flower. By then you can see that your pruning has paid off.

This makes it so the plant doesn’t waste early energy on growing these new colas and branches. Instead, by pulling them once they get started you’re now encouraging the main branches and colas to grow bigger and stronger.

Depending on humidity and air flow, I’ll usually prune low leaves after the 2 weeks of flower stretching. I hope this helps you! It’s just how I personally go about lollipopping my plants.


Not really sure why you would want to lollipop an outdoor plant…:thinking:
The only reason to lollipop a plant is because the (indoor) lighting isn’t reaching the bottom of the plant… :wink:
But you have the sun at your disposal… meaning light for you shouldn’t be a problem… :wink:
You said that your last grow had small airy buds…
That probably had more to do with not feeding it enough , watering issues , the timing of when you planted them and maybe the strain that you had… unless you had your plants in the shade the whole time and still even then they should have done better than what you described… :wink:
Were they in pots or in the ground?

:v: :sunglasses:

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Yea I’m sorry I didn’t state this before, but my lollipopping technique is only done on my indoor plants. I agree with @peachfuzz on the topic of outdoor lollipopping.


Thanks much for the help and clarifying that ktreez420 and peachfuzz…

I do have better genetics this year than last, more sun and better soil (fox farms ocean forest) . Plus I need to remember N. Oregon got pounded by rain in early october and it never quit for the whole damn month. I’m sure I could of done better in my feeding too. I had them in the ground last year and in the ground this year too.
Do you grow outdoors peachfuzz and ktreez420?

If so, i’d love some advice on feeding my babies right…

Thanks again

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This will be my first year outdoors, so I can’t give much info on the subject of feeding! But, I know just the guys who can help! @Willd @FyshhTrap @FloridaSon @Countryboyjvd1971



Hey @KannabisKurt. So my compost wasn’t quite up to par this spring so I just did the usual 5-1-1 Alaska fish fertilizer a week after I transplanted them so far. My plot is so fertile anyway, that’s all I use during veg. I do it every 14-21 days until I see signs of flowering. I’ve never really done lollipopping either more just stripping away excess shade leaf during the last couple weeks of flowering. Doing SCROG outside for the first time this year too so all bets are off! I fully strip all the fan leaves off them in the field a day or two before harvest though.

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Right on…Thanks Ktreez420. I appreciate it. My buddy Willd in Maine already got back to me.

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Hey Willd, Hope all is well. Thanks for the advice. May I ask how/what you feed your girls once flowering begins outdoors?

I am toying with SCROGING 1 or 2 out of my 4…total newbie to SCROGGING so forgive possible idiotic question but is your SCROG technique basically placing stakes at 4 corners and attaching netting over plant?

Yeah I’m new to SCROG too. I have 2 60 foot rows with 6 plants each spaced 10’ apart
Here’s a post with pics from the day I put it all in.

I start clipping mine just into the 12 hour light cycle and a little at a time, starting with the very bottom larger leaves and Any leaves that have Any yellowing. Its all experimental and depending on the health of my plant. If I plant one late in the year(say I start one in mid June) I Definetly clip at will and nute accordingly.
Due to incredibly terrible weather we’ve had wher I live I lost a lot of plants. I’m starting some now and should have plants up to six feet by mid Sept. These will be lolipopped at the 12 hr cycle.
Its all a learning curve but this worked well for me last season.

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Holy Crap…that’s freakin’ awesome. I love the variety you got there. I look forward to hearing which ones you liked best since I’m close to same latitude here in Oregon. Love it…how high is the netting above ground? About 2’?

Thanks for sharing

You can’t see my trellis but it’s in there and I approach each plant differently some grow spaces and y’all and I just take the bottoms to put energy up week 2 of flower…but dense plants I take while branches out of the tops to make space especially when trelliased like the two in my pick that are spread wide…if the tops don’t break the half way mark I cut for sure and after that I thin out weak tops in favor of the strong ones! Good luck to u!!! I’m

Hey Willd, I am also from Maine, And I am trying the lollipopping technique for the 1st time this year. Have you done this before? And how are your results? Thanks I’m new to this site, bucksaltrout

I don’t do a “heavy” lollipop on outdoor, meaning I really only pluck the very low & small bud sites that you know won’t develop to anything worthwhile anyway & I’ll clip any low weak branches sprouting. Basically just use your judgement get rid of what is likely to not give you nothing good and let that energy flow to the bigger stronger branches & bud sites. Majority of the plant can be left you’ll just have those ones low and far to the center of the plant that are weak, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about