Advice needed on plant care

A question from a fellow grower:

“hi i have a question off topic. i have a plant about 5’ tall that i just acquired and at 2.5’ it was sent into the budding cycle and shortly there after it was brought into the vegative cycle, dont ask me why, but i was considering lollipopping the plant and remove the lower mess do you think this is a good move? and do you think it would hurt the plant? thanks mark”

Hey Mark! So are you saying the plant was re-vegged after flowering had begun? I’m confused, but that’s not a hard thing to do. Lollipopping is usually done before the flip, so the plant can focus on top buds instead of stuff that’s shaded down below. It can help with air flow, too, if you think humidity will become a problem later.

Here’s a good guide to pruning in general, that has a section on lollipopping: Pruning Your Plants Archives - I Love Growing Marijuana
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