Outdoor Growing coals for 2024 (Born in 🇿🇦 - first time ever trying to grow cannibis )

Good morning sir
New day with new challenges… Here in :south_africa: we are not used to hurricanes, and you are talking about 13…:no_mouth: (Love my Virginia cigarettes tough)
Have some fruit trees on our property, but they need some attention… (the previous family member who stayed in the house got into a " family fight" a few years ago and damaged all the water pipes, leading to the fruit trees… have to fix the pipes… but at least they are still alive)
Planted my 4 potatoes yesterday (as an experiment, have never grown potatoes in my life… so if it works, i’ll be planting more then) Got a nice old wooden crate with good airflow from the sides, in a sunny position… sifted the stones out, left with dark compost ground that i took from under our trees that are building up…

:rofl::rofl: dont go to KFC then, Colonel Sanders will hit you with his walking stick…
Go well my brother


Finally got my pen ready for the kids… (Hill-Billy style, but it will work).
Then i will buy a nice “Billy” goat kid to start of with…
Step by step…

Also getting the beddings ready in the greenhouse for spring… Want to plant more vegetables in the greenhouse than cannibis. (Will concentrate more on planting the cannibis outside in prepared holes with the correct soil this spring)

One thing living in the Bushveld with ground/dirt roads, you will never have a clean car for more than a day…:rofl:


Other side of the world but its about time for me to both transplant and get these Malawi girls outside. Colorado can be rough growing enviroment but if i was growing where you are I bet these would be huge!


They look beautiful… happy growing! Please keep me informed on the progress- still learning myself…



What fruit trees do you have growing?


Though fruit trees to be honest… must have good root systems for them surviving so long “on their own” - also on the “to do list” to get them sorted…

  • Small mango tree (needs attention),
  • 2 Granadilla trees (doing well)

  • Pomegranate tree (needs attention)
  • Grapefruit tree (needs attention)
  • Meyer lemon tree (needs some attention)
  • Eureka lemon tree (needs some attention)
  • 2 Nectarine trees (needs attention)
  • 2 Whole nut trees (:chipmunk: love them, there like ninjas :martial_arts_uniform:)

  • 3 year old Avocado tree

Some of the fruit trees out my bedroom window that needs “attention”…

And you my brother…?


I have gone a little crazy according to my wife. No more trees she says, so she forced me to start grafting to my existing trees 4-5 years ago. I have gotten quite skillful at it since then. I now sell lots of seedling rootstock trees that I graft over and let grow a couple years. All at the PTA plant sale, so no cannabis or funny business.

But honestly, I have also invested a lot in new patented cultivars of apples and hybrid stone fruit. Selling them locally unnamed to avoid law suits is kinda where I am taking this hobby. I trade lots of hard to find cuttings with growers all over the county too. The parallels to cannabis rare clone only cuts with fruit trees is amazing to me. I think fresh fruit, soil, and cannabis all fit nicely into my hobby circle. Honestly, cannabis and fruit go great together.

A fresh apple off a tree after a great smoke is something every stoner should experience once in their life. Or a handful of blueberries or raspberries off the bush never tasted so good. :apple:

Apples: cosmic crisp, Lucy glow, Lucy rose, Granny Smith, lamb abbey, Macintosh, Fuji, Braeburn, Clark’s crab, firecracker crab, honeycrisp, Sundance, gala, gravenstein, mountain rose, ashmeads kearnel, wealthy, akane, zestar, liberty, windhem russet

Pears: bartlet, comice, anjo, and ubileen

Asian pear: Korean giant, 20th century, chojuro, housang

Pluerry (plum cherry hybrid): sweet treat, candy heart, sugar twist

Peachy plum hybrid: unnamed

Jujube: sweet tooth, li, honey jar, contorted

Peaches: hw272, Betty, veteran, Oregon curl free, Salish summer, contender, frost, bagel, Indian free, elberta

Nectarine: kriebiach, hardired, hardy red (died this winter :worried:), flavor top

Cherries: bing, sweet red, sweetheart, and lapins

Pluots (plum apricot hybrids): dapple dandy, flavor king, flavor supreme, and flavor queen

Plums Asian and euro: elephant heart, Santa Rosa, damson, methely, shiro, Stanley, beauty, Italian prune

Mulberry: Pakistani, red, nigrus black

Pawpaw: mango, Shenandoah, Rebecca’s gold

Avocado: mexicola, haus. More for fun in seattle ha

Citrus: meyers lemon, eureka lemon, calamondin orange, clementine madarin orange, kei lime, Kiefer Thai lime, hardy green lime

Pineapple guava: unknown seedling, unique

Currants: Champaign, pink, red

Raspberries: red, black, golden, strawberry cheesecake thornless

Blackberries: just wild Himalayan, I am afraid to plant them in the pnw. Eat the house up. Ha

Strawberries: mostly June bearing. My favorite cover crop ever forever.:point_left:

Elderberries: York, nova

Blueberries: pink cultivars are new, put in 6 of those. The old patch was planted in 1980 and has nothing to do with me. I just get to enjoy them. Giant mature bushes in the floodplain of my creek. Buckets a day too many to freeze them all and to share with the birds. This is literally why I bought my house. The old blueberry well loved amazing patch. Sold. We even bid it up in a bidding war, damn real-estate costs. $$

Baby apple seedling for grafting later:

Baby peach pit seedlings for grafting over later:

You would also think I was crazy if you knew how many times a week my citrus and avocados got carried in and out every day. Any time it’s too cold or wet. I am a slave to these plants. Ha. Greenhouse coming soon…


My wants list is short.

  1. Spice Zee nectaplum (plum nectarine hybrid)

  2. Grapes. Probably interlaken. I really want muscadines but all my fruit buddies say not in the PNW.

  3. Honey berries. Lots of wild ones around here. They are ok, not worth cultivating.

But some of the new improved cultivars taste great, are bigger, and have lovely fruit after tones like strawberry and peach. They are quite tasty and worth growing.

  1. Maybe a couple more pluot patent newbies. They are amazing, the plum apricot hybrids. So yummy…

Cannibis history of South-Africa…!
What a change…!:clinking_glasses::tada:

Cannabis was wholly criminalised in South Africa in 1928 under the Medical, Dental, and Pharmacy Act, for political and moral reasons.

Now - 2024


A beautiful morning to my cannafamily from :south_africa:


One of my colleagues distilles vodka… lekker… meaning i had a good night :rofl:


Must be getting cold at night now…

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Went away for the weekend with the family to Heidelberg - Gauteng… What a nice time… (also me and the wife in the :shower:) :rofl:

So peaceful… no sound, no noise… Puff-puff pass…:smoking:

First time vaping… not bad… (still had to smoke a joint “behind the bush”) Main reason for getting the vape…


Glad you had fun with your family. It looks beautiful there. Yeah… the vapes are great for discretion but will never replace my flower. Great choice on the green crack. I really like that strain. :sunglasses::+1:t2:

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Thanks my brother… first time vaping, not bad… (coughing +++) Agree, will never beat the real thing… the flower like you say…!
Hope you and your family are doing well my brother…!


Its getting :cold_face::cold_face:… especially after midnight…! Went to Heidelberg the weekend and it was freezing… cm of frost on the car… And where you stay?


Durban, never gets cold here :rofl:


Thank you! I hope you are enjoying your travels. You’re definitely half way around the world. The heat index is going to be 100 by Friday. :joy: Stay safe bro! :sunglasses: