Outdoor grow swamps Florida

Under all the right conditions and no hypothetics. Does outdoor grow naturally in somewhat shady, sunny swamps on fem seeds produce a higher yield than indoor under lights. Nothing to do with auto’s just regular fem seeds. I have OG Kush, Jack Herer, and Gold leaf, along with what I believe is some Purple Haze or Grandaddy Purple. Naturally grown takes a good full summer, I have personally seen Gold leaf over 9 feet tall in my area, and it is a drooling wonderous sight.

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Wow, would LOVE to see a 9 foot tall Gold Leaf ! I am going to attempt a mainlined Gold Leaf in my grow tent later this year.

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Love to have a 9 ft gold leaf my little stubby one was a beauty

Not saying they ALL get that big, here in Florida, my beans broke ground outdoors January and February. Florida had a long mature growing season. Some of my stuff right now is over knee high that came up Jan 22nd. However we are getting away from my question. Does a natural outdoor grow produce more than an indoor grow under lights? They say a gram a watt indoors, which IF one can maintain a perfect grow without wildlife, police, and nature interferring as well as someone stumbling upon your site, will the yield be higher than an indoor grow? Years ago I grew a single plant over 7 foot
outdoors in five months in Michigan.