Outdoor grow - over-feeding mid-flower?

Thanks to a lot of help, particularly from @Jaysittinback , I managed to get one plant safely outdoors, through a nice veg and 3-4 weeks in to flower.

Yeaterday, I increased the concentration of a flower feed I’d had good luck with, so far. It was also the shortest duration I’d had between feeds (4 days).

This plant looked BEAUTIFUL yesterday. Today, I’ve found a bunch of leaves looking rough.

What do folks think? Coincidental or an overfeed? If overfeed, just back off for now? I’ve rarely watere this summer as its been super rainy in the northeast. Let the rain flush it?

Thanks for any advice!


And, because I’m happy I got this far (after a total rookie starting gate faceplant), here’s where I’m at about 3.5 weeks in to flower. A strain from a local bank - 50/50 hybrid


thanks @VtGrow1 its a healthy looking plant untill the spots. Very nice shape and color green. I havent had nute burn or enough to know it, but doesnt resemble what Id expect. Tips and margins burn. Sorry cant help with the feeding if an issue.
Since some are eaten I would be looking for a pest and maybe eaten or laid egg where them spots are, under the leaves too. this is where a microscope or loupe would help

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Thanks for the insight - appreciate it!

I think I defaulted to nute burn because I had just given such a big feed (and in such a short time since the last feed).

It’s an outdoor grow and we’re very rural - pests wouldn’t surprise me - had a few Japanese beatlee that were chewing leaves earlier in the season, but that looked very different.

If I can just hang on a little longer…

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Looks like pests to me as well. Hit it with some captain jacks just before dark and that should help considerably. It doesn’t look like a nute burn or any deficiencies.

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Thanks! Never heard of CaptainJacks, but the internet can be a beautiful thing - assuming you’ve had good luck with it?

Also, is it best to pluck any leaves that have blemishes or look like this? At this point in my grow, can I do any damage?

I’ve just recently started removing fan leaves - trying to get my little nuggets as much sun and air as I can.

Ya I use it when needed, just make sure the sun is going down and be as close to dark as possible. If sun hits it, your leaves will be fried.

Buds don’t harvest the sun’s light to photosynthesize, leaves do. I only remove leaves if it impedes air flow (I grow indoors). However if a leaf is bad off, pluck it because it’s not doing the plant any good.

Sounds good!

In general, is it best to target specific leaves, avoiding bud sites or do you kinda give the entire plant a general misting?

All over is fine, but I would do a bud wash when you harvest. Don’t wanna be smoking that stuff. Tons of videos on YouTube on budwashing.

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Other than random flying bugs that you’d expect in any plant living outdoors, I don’t see anything living on top of or under the leaves - spider mites are visible to the naked eye, right?

A few times this year, I have seen this gray smear/smudge on fan leaves - if you’re careful, you can peel it off in sheets (which us what I’ve been doing) - if you rub this gray smear between your fingers, it’s granular and almost looks like sheets of tiny eggs. I haven’t seen it in anywhere near the amount I’m seeing these new blemishes, though, so i’m assuming it’s unrelated. I’ll try to get a pic the next time I see it.

These new blemishes now seem to be on a LOT of fan leaves - even some of the smaller leaves closer to the buds.

Some pest and it looks like they know where to find nutes, near the veins. Either eggs hatched and they ate their way out of there or just something eating.
Anyway a good spraying with some pcp like @Highwayman420 said, I dont know the method but something’s there. Im getting into budwash soon now seen what’s in peoples’ rinse-water

I had never heard if bud wash until a couple weeks ago (first grow) - something to consider, for sure.

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Any chance this could be calcium deficiency? Happened 1 day after an increased dose of higher phosphorpus feed at a shorter interval.

It’s gotten progressively worse - I did feed her a dose of Cal-Mag a couple days ago, JIC - rained right after, so who knows if she’ll actually benefit. Doesn’t seem to just be big fan leaves, but ones closer to bud sites. In general, leaves at bottom of plant seem to be more affected, but it seems to be creeping up.

Yesterday was week 4 of my bloom - a good number of hairs starting to orange/brown - tons of trichomes (got a loupe coming so I can get a better look) - hopefully, I can at least stabilize and make it a couple/few more weeks (an 8-9 flower, according to the seed bank).

I’m fighting the dreaded white dots also. Google thrips and see if thats your problem, they start real small, need a loop to see them the only way to know is the white dots where they have sucked the juice from your girls leaves. They start at the bottom of the plant and work their way up. If it were spider mites you would see web. I have found 6 adult Thrips on my girls, the jump, fly and are real smart, they will hide if they see you coming. They like to infest at flower. I have ordered Capt. Jacks dead bug and if that doesn’t do it I’m going for the lady bugs. CJ has to be applied before dark and on both top and bottom of leaves. Every other day for a couple of days. Kills a lot of different bugs and worms.

Thanks for the heads-up - something to consider, for sure.

All kinds of outdoor complications I never would’ve considered.

On a pleasent note, did find this cute lil peeper hanging out on my lady this morning

I found some on my tomato plants , and looking up at me on my ladder, like to scared the shit out of me I thought it was a snake. Side note I go in for cadaract surgery on the 18th. :sunglasses: :+1:

This is the little buddy looking up at me, all I saw was green and two little black eys.

This is what I’m fighting.

And this is what I think the problem is, now this is full grown and done her damage, they grow fast. Pic is not the best but she is only 1/2" and butt ugly.