Outdoor grow harvest just in time

Boy it’s been a long time coming I’ve been waiting months and months and months and months it’s actually about a month overdue but it turned out pretty well if I might say so myself wanted to share with everyone Had a pretty good turnout


Did you have help with the trimming or do all those plants yourself ?

Had some help and still took forever


should get a couple pounds out of all that…

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Time to get 3 or 4 cases of Mason Jars. I love it.

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I got the outdoors down it’s this indoor crap with leds I’m working on now

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I have a lot of beginners notes for indoor grow led. I just above indoor grower went from cfl to led. grew outside 20 years.

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The only thing about indoor with LED lights depending on what light panel you have it takes a lil longer for your soil to dry out unless you have strong lights , but other than that it’s almost the same as outdoor growing . But that fence is kick ass , I’m loving the concept .


@Soilgrowth thanks man I will check it out led it’s a hole new ball game for me :thinking:

Amazon.com this is what I have got 3 2 in one tent 1 in another @yoshi

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And you know what they look like at least you’re seeing pictures of we can go

Week ago woohoo

Beautiful, excellent grow my friend, I got one Tree and 5 large plants on my outdoor grow, harvest Reely soon !!

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Cutting down 4 more today

Total tally on the outdoor grow in so happy with got way more then expected


Sounds amazing! What a nice stock to have! I’m jealous! Great job dude!

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I appreciate it outdoor growing as a completely different ballgame for me you don’t really have to do near as much as you do for indoor grow But in the Midwest hell it’s already 60°for the highs in the mid 30s at night my partner gets half But he has to do a majority of all the trimming now I just need to get a successful indoor grow under my belt and I will be so happy but thank you for the compliment @ktreez420


I see the amazing pics and the bottom line yield of 5lb from 10 plants. How long did the really big yielding plants grow in veg time ?

Lol I’m good at trimming if you ever need a hand! :wink: But great job dude, keep up the good work!