Outdoor greenhouse tent

I am a first time grower from Sacramento and it gets super hot here. I am growing four clones in 3 greenhouse tents and then moving them to a bigger greenhouse Whenever I am done building it in a week or so. I am using fox farms happy frog soil and this is the second day since I transplanted the clone. Can someone help? I don’t think this type of stuff is supposed to happen this early. One of the plants is showing bad signs and two of them look like they are on the way too show bad signs. I have moved them to a different place in my garden over where it would be a slight bit more shady but I’m still worried.

Probably some transplant shock. It should recover with time.
I like to soak the soil in the pot for a few days or week before transplanting. Might have some “hot spots” of concentrated nutrients clumped in there that can burn the roots. Clones like to be sprayed with mist if you’re not out in direct sun.

Oh ok I was a little worried that I might not be able to grow outside in these temperatures because it can get up to 110 degrees out here but usually it peaks at 95 degrees. Thank you so much i appreciate it hopefully it is just shock and goes away, they more or less are all experiencing the same problem i.e yellowing and curling of the leaves.

I’m in a hot place myself and trying to start seedlings. I’m getting a little mute burn on them with FF happy frog so it happens. Make sure like someone mentioned use a spray bottle to water the base of the plant for a few.

Other people in greenhouses have used a low cost sprinkler controller to run water to a mist nozzle. When the mist evaporates, it reduces heat in the enclosed space. Or a swamp cooler, fan with a water dripping onto a fabric that the fan blows through. Some people with too much money use an actual compressor driven air conditioner unit.

Thanks for the amazing reply again! That’s super smart im definitely gonna try that the only thing is i usually leave the greenhouse tent door a little open to allow ventilation (when it gets 100 degrees outside it’ll get even hotter in the tent if i don’t leave a vent open) so it isn’t exactly completely enclosed that is what i should be doing correct? Sorry if i’m asking too many questions I put a good chunk of money in to start so i’m paranoid of not getting results haha.

That’s pretty cool I hope it goes well for you! And yeah whenever i use a spray bottle i should probably get the leaves a little bit too huh

I’m also in California and grow outdoors. Clones need to be “hardened” and conditioned to heat and strong sun. But once they are established, they will grow fine. I’m growing in 10 gallon pots, give them 1 gallon of water each every morning.

So if you need 1 gallon of water for a 10 gallon pot, then I will probably water it with a quarter of a gallon every morning. But that is extremely relieving to hear I appreciate all the support i’m growing in 3 gallons but i’m not going for a big yield this grow just want to get the hang of it first

You will need to find the best watering schedule for your plants. I’m doing a gallon for 5 foot tall plants. Some people recommend letting smaller plants (clones) run a little dry so the roots grow and work hard to find moisture.

These started in April. A gallon of water does not always give me any runoff.

Clones transplanted 2 weeks ago. I do not give them a gallon of water.

did you harden them off before you introduced them to full sun?
I grew up as a kid in Sac! Wow! A Sacramento connection! Thats cool!

Some people build their greenhouses with passive ventilation such as this

![15946781039675387992165561925681|690x388](upload://rjmsSBHjYu29ijPEu2lYW9pCotm.jpe g)

@Cannabian so that’s the 10 foot tall plant that had to be bent over?
Very nice construction. Where do you get the water to fill those tanks? I’m still carrying 5 gallon buckets of water all over.

Yep, the roof is 12 feet tall. The tallest part of that plant is bent over a fair bit. As you can see the other side branches are pulled down and tied the trunk is anchored to the back wall with para cord.The taller afghan is over 8 feet the others are 6 plus feet and they are equally as wide as they are tall. To be honest, I had grown Afghan plants before but they never got more than 7 feet tall, so this strain is a beast. I can see this being a monster plant withba good hot summer, its been cloudy and cold all summer this year.

As for the water, its municipal water that comes from the lake and is treated with chlorine. It sits at about 90 ppm and I dechlorinate it by letting it stand for 2 days before use.

Nice set up! I have a 6’ high plant growing and it has hit the ceiling in my greenhouse. Should I move it outside and let it keep growing? I am in northern CA. Or will it just grow wider?

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Unless you bend it down or train it somehow, it will stuff itself into the roof and ultimately get mold where it touches. You can cut off some too. Sounds like 6 feet of greenhouse is not cutting it lol!

Oh and Welcome to our community! Best grow network on the internet. Lots of really talented growers here, one day Ill be like them. Until that time, I just plant, water, grow, and harvest! Kiss method!

@BamBam57, as you can see by my plant height, Im pretty much maxed out for veg height already. Remember that those plants will stretch as they flower. So I may have to top these in a week to slow their upward growth? At the same time I dont want to miss time that or they could start to bud right after I cut em! That would be :-1: bad juju.

Thanks! I moved it outside. Great to have access to this site! I think I will need all the help I can get!