Outdoor DWC feminized White Widow in Nor Cal-side by side comparison

So on an impulse, bought some seeds here, germinated five seeds in baggies with moist paper towels, THEN started my research. :wink:

I put one in an Aerogarden, four in seed starting mix. The one in the Aerogarden took off, so I moved two more in. The first one stayed way ahead, so I put it in one of my sub-irrigation bucket things I use for peppers.

Found this site, folks said no,


…so I got a bubbler.

I read somewhere that starting hydroponic indoors, then moving outside after longest day for flowering, could work for me in NorCal, but can’t find the reference right now.

Fast forward about four weeks, two are in DWC, one in a hempypot, one sad sack in ProMix HP, all with Maxigrow for about four weeks then Maxibloom. PPM around six hundred now, pH around 6.5, although I used higher ppm at first.

Days are 70-90, nights mid fifties.

I’m posting pics to illustrate, but could use some help diagnosing these brown marks on the fan leaves. I have had some whitefly, and probably some thrips, ( as well as ashes and soot from nearby fires, ) and treated with Safer Insect Soap, and Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad. Hesitate to use Need oil, although I use it on my mater’s and peppers with success.
Flowering Day 20 below

The only one in potting mix


Nice plants :seedling: I’m not sure mate have look on this chart

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Thank you! I thought of that, with cooler nights and all (which I guess would make it environmentall) , and checked out some charts, but it doesn’t really match any common patterns. I wondered if it might be a pest, and think some marks look like thrips or mites, but this pattern is still gnawing at me. It’s sort of symetical.

I know I posted under Grow Journal so I will add more pictures when I can.

I couldn’t figure out where to post this; seems I have to choose disease, pest, etc.


@NellaBella is that the only leaf the last picture that’s doing it ??
@garrigan62 has a tobacco recipe he uses for pest
I personally haven’t tried it but those who have say it works
Inspect underside of leaves as well and check good
You have pants all look healthy from the rest of you pictures

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Mild Calcium deficiency can cause the “water spots” you’re seeing. It provides structure & rigidity to cell walls. When a plant goes too long with a slight Ca deficiency, these walls break more easily. If that’s the case, the white powdery stuff on the leaves would be cell walls breaking apart.

Phosphorus deficiency can cause the yellowing & necrosis and aggrevates Ca deficiency. A good, strong, Bone Meal tea should prevent further damage for awhile. The damage you already have won’t heal itself- the best that could happen is it doesn’t get worse.


Thank you both!

Many, but not all the fan leaves on the two DWC plants are affected. A few have places where the necrotic tissue (which is brown and not powdery) has crumbled away. Newest leaves, sugar leaves, and the Hempy bucket plant, do not seem to be affected. I have checked the leaves for bugs on both sides , but not after dark. I have Cal mag, so I’ll try adding some of that.

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Looks like these fine fellas got you covered buddy !!! :wink:


@NellaBella I wasn’t seeing a bug issue FYI
And that why we are here to assist when possible
Happy growing

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I know we’re your coming from! Hope you get it sorted

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Happy Thanksgiving!


This year’s outdoor dwc. They are getting too big, I have vacation planned. Want to speed this up!


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Still wondering…is this pre-flowering? Not sure I see any thread-like thingys, but there is definitely something different happening at the nodes. I want to try light deprivation outside, and am working on a “hoop house” of sorts.

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Hey, nice plants you got there. Youll know when she preflowers because she will start throwing alot of white hairs that will turn into buds. You can force them to flower by lessening the light she receives by blocking out the sun with a black trash bag over her or some shade cloth, once the light hours goes down to 12 12 or less it will trigger flowering. Some people even do 24 hour darkness to speed things up outside. Goodluck @NellaBella

Thank you! Leaving for a week today. I have set up drip to add 1 gallon per day, but not pHd and no nutrients. I have an “add it” fertigator to add stuff via drip, but just couldn’t figure it out in time.

Going with shade cloth for the week, but in a week will try to add “Panda something” cloth from 7PM to 9 PM.

Here is how things stand.

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Another update. One plant died while I was away, one burned in our frequent heat waves, but I believe they are flowering.


More pics

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Still pulling Panda cloth over from about 6 to 9 PM. I missed one night a few days ago. “Sunrise” around 6:19 AM, sunset around 805; daylength just under 14 hours (13:45) , and I want to stop!

But…I am traveling in about 5 weeks and would love to be completely done by then. Wondering can they dry on the plant, like Principe Borghese tomatoes?

Uh oh…

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Woah, she looks like she got too hot. Sorry

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