Outdoor - California Dreaming and Northern Lights

Sprouted California Dreaming and Northern Lights in identical circumstances. Same day, same pots, same soil, same PH level 7. etc… From day one the California Dreaming sprouted faster and was darker green. From day one the Northern Lights had streaks of yellow in the leaves and developed slower. I will be growing these outdoor. Question, is the yellow streaks in the Northern Lights a strain characteristic? Or something to be concerned about? Thank you! Here are photos of the two. I have six of each. Below one photo of California Dreaming/dark green and one photo of Northern Lights/yellow streaks:

California Dreaming:

Northern Lights Yellow Streaks inside & bottom:


The northern lights looks like maybe an iron deficiency since its coming from new growth but I’m still a new grower so don’t spring into action just yet, wait for someone a little more experienced but just my two cents

also if you fill out this support ticket itll help everyone here get a better idea of whats up with your plant…

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA
Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
System type?
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?
Temps; Day, Night
Humidity; Day, Night
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Co2; Yes, No
Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you
We had a previous Support Ticket posted, but lost it during the “database issuer”

Happy Growing and welcome friend!

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Welcome to ILGM ! Hang on to these, they will come in handy for learning about deficiencies.

Good luck on your grow. Jerry


Two types of strains being grown.
Strain; Type: Top Photo: California Dreaming F // Bottom Photo: Northern Lights F
Soil in pots: Both have Fox Farms Ocean Forest
System type: Outdoor
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? both PH is 7
What is strength of nutrient mix? N/A
Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
Light system, size: Outdoor Southern California
Temps; Day, Night: 85 day - 60 night
Humidity; Day, Night now 40%
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: N/A
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: N/A
Co2; Yes, No: N/A

My Six (6) California Dreaming are all solid dark green, and have grown faster, even sprouted faster.
My Six (6) Northern Lights have small hints of Yellow Streaks in them, from the beginning.
All twelve (12) plants are being grown in IDENTICAL circumstances.

Is the yellow that has been on the Northern Lights from the beginning a character of the strain?
Or does the Northern Lights need to be treated differently then the California Dreaming, meaning the yellow is not good.

If I am growing the 6 California Dreaming plants identical to the 6 Northern Lights, how the could it be that that only the Northern Lights have yellow streaks?

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If I am growing the 6 California Dreaming plants identical to the 6 Northern Lights, how could it be that that only the Northern Lights have yellow streaks? Does Northern Light - F require different nutrient attention?

Alright so off the top from the support ticket it seems the pH is to high and should be around 6.3-6.8 and 6.5 as the sweet spot, just get it down about .5. FFOF is good to use from what I hear (I’m not using it just what ive read.)

Sounds like the cal dream is taking in more nitrogen then the others. Not all plants grow the same, intake the same or even have the same leaves regardless if theyre from the same strain. Some plants just differ. Like I said I personally think youre a little yellow because of Iron but that’s JMO. Look at the nutrient deficiency chart, up a little bit, and take a gander a your leaves. It could very well be just a strain characteristic ive never grown either so I’m not sure

  1. Okay they are getting transplanted to bigger container this Saturday. Been watering them with 6.5 filtered water. They are still in Fox Farms Ocean soil. The PH Balance shot up to 8.5 a few days ago. I bought a PH lowering liquid at the local hydroponic store.
    Bottle Says 1 tsp per 10 gallons of water. What is the forum crews recommendations?
  2. We have had a heat wave…my plants are outdoors. The temps during the day are reaching 100 to 105 degrees. What is the highest temp these plants should endure before I shade them.
    I am growing California Dreaming and Northern Lights.
    Bought the feminized seeds from ILGM -

To the first question, the amount of ph control (up or down) will depend on how much water you are treating and what the starting ph is at. I have filter water with a ph of 7.2 . It only takes 5ml to drop it to around 6.6. (Most times) sometimes it drops with less. I have found it takes twice as much solution to bring it back up if I went to low. Also keep in mind, when you add nutrients to water, it drops the ph. So always wait till after you add nutrients, to ph your water. Once you do it a few times, you will get the feel of your water and get faster at ph control.
The second question, you are there. Breaking 90 equals shade time. This will help with stopping water absorption. If you are using nutrients and your water drys faster than your plant can drink it, then you will get a build up of nutrients in your soil and crystallization on your roots. Never a good thing. This can cause a nutrient burn when you have been doing everything right. I’m in Florida and use a sun sail above my plants during heat waves. It’s still hot out but I’m shaded, while still letting good rays through to feed my girl. Hope this helps.

On a side note: I just read your old posts, I have found ocean forest a little strong for new plants. Got some burning on many of plants. Read about flushing my starting soil with ph water to lower the available nutrients. Been doing it since with great results, i.e. No more yellow babies.

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Well Since May 4th we have come a long way.
Here are photos of their journey so far.
They recovered and are doing great. Thank you for all the advise.

California Dreaming on each side.
Northern Lights in the middle - the taller plant.
June 30, 2017 - 11 weeks old

July 16 2017 - 14 weeks old

July 22 2017 Six days after feeding them Fox Farms Big Bloom
15 weeks old

Today August 1, 2017 - 16 weeks old
So Cal had a wonderful tropical rain today - Very Happy Plants:

Before Rain:

After Rain:


August 29 2017
They are doing great. Thank you for all the advise.


awesome they look great GOOD JOB

Today I have been pondering if one of my plants is ready to harvest in the next 24 hours. Here are photos of it from today 9/5/2017. This is the plant that has been on the left in all of my posts. It is the Feminized California Dreaming, seed bought from ILGM, germinated April 11 so it is about 134 days in. It is maturing faster then the other two. Please look at photos and share opinions and expertise. Thank you everyone!

Bud shot from today 9/5/2017:

Magnified shots below from today 9/5/2017:

30x22mm and 60x12mm:

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I would wait for milkier trichomes and maybe a few amber ones, don’t fertilize again, wait a few days.

I ordered some CA Dreaming for next Spring.

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This morning 9/6/2017 I looked at other buds on the same plant. Here is what I found on the top buds.

The photos I posted yesterday were from a bud in the middle of the plant.

The photos below are from one top large bud all different angles. I see amber and milky at some angles. I did see on other top buds amber too. What do you see?

Does it look to you that some of the buds on the top should or could be harvested sooner?

Below top bud 9/6/2017:

Looking more ripe than other pics from yesterday. I’ve never grown that variety, you could harvest top colas 1st, I usually prefer to do the whole plant.

If you’re seeing amber trichomes it’s likely time - those are definitely amber - I like to do it 1st thing in the morning before any sunlight hits it…

Maybe theses guys will chime in…


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