Oscillating fan during lights off

What’s everyone’s thought about oscillating fan during lights off in flower . Leave them on or leave them off with the lights off ?

I’m in my first grow… so take what I have to say with a grain of sand. But I would definitely leave on. Rh normally jumps up with lights out and cooler temps. The fans will be important to keep good air circulation. If you have a dehumidifier that can keep the rh around 40% at night… you might be able to turn off the fans… but if not… I’d keep fans on.
Happy Growing!!


Always leave mine on :+1::sunflower:


@Aussie_herbman. Definitely leave them on.


During the light on cycle i leave the air intake and exhaust and oscillation fans on and dehumidifier.

But lights off cycle i turn the oscillating fan off

Have left mine on. It also helps strengthen the stems/stalks. Besides the girls look sexy with their leaves blowing around!