Organized my basement garden area

A little better use of space — and some new overhead lighting thanks to my hubby!

(Oh ps doggies only in crates down there when I’m using my treadmill!) the crates make good work tables :sunglasses:

Also installed my fan/filter controller set up (looks funny I know lol😛) has totally solved my humidity problems!


Looks great! I love the flags you have hanging!



looks good. Only thing I noticed is the filter. I have seen a lot of people say to suck the air into the filter, and not push it through. Although I am sure both work, just wondered if one was more efficient than the other way, or does one way or the other extend the filters life (these are the questions that keep me up at night)…

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@ron330 I am not sure either, but I need to buy some brackets to hang it inside the tent, as well as some dryer vent, so I set it up on top just to get things going :-). I have read that if the carbon filter is before the fan it is better for the fan motor. Any advice appreciated! Thing didn’t come with any instructions!

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@sl1 they are made to pull through but you can push air into them, but you need to cover the open end to prevent a bunch of garbage from getting into the inside of your filter. I have mine similar to that, but it is because I can’t get my filter into my tent.

Optimal is buy 8 feet of flex pipe and hang the filter (inside the tent) on the pull side of the fan and then run an 8 ’ vent pipe outside the tent. (or combination thereof)

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Thanks @bob31!

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How did your filter set up like that I would love to see some closer pictures

@hogmaster all I did was move an internal frame cross bar over to be about 4 inches away from the round exhaust opening on top of my tent, flipped the fan to draw from the inside, then set the fan on top of the exhaust hole balanced on the tent frame, and set the filter on top! I know it’s not a permanent solution but it’s working for now and keeps my tent at 45% humidity with the he controller on the lowest setting :). I’ll try to get a close up when I get home

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Rather than buying brackets what I did was used some ratchet straps (I used ones that have a rope not a nylon strap) and wrapped 1 around each end and hung it from the cross bar in the top of the tent. It makes it easy to remove if needed. (I actually changed it around this year and put eye hooks into the floor joists above to attach the ratchet straps to rather than supporting it with the cross bar in the tent. Between the filter and the light it was quite a bit of weight so I was afraid of the tent collapsing and ruining all my hard work.)

Just a suggestion for using ratchet straps.

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@jmesser80 thanks that is a GREAT idea and I happem to have some extra ratchet/pulleys for suspending lights that I think will work, did you make a small hole in the top of your tent to feed the ropes thru? :slight_smile:

I love it it looks cool it won’t work for my new area when I get it all set up tonight unfortunately but that is awesome great idea

Reminds me of a wood stove pipe :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what it looks like that’s funny you said that because I was thinking it

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I originally had it hanging from the cross bar on the top of the tent so I didn’t need any holes. But when I added the eye hooks into the floor joists and hung it from those I did poke a couple holes in the top of the tent.
I poked 2 holes and threaded the eye hooks through the holes into the joists. So the actual eye of the hook is inside the tent. I figured it would be a pain to get the ratchet strap through the holes to get to the eye hooks.
If I remember when I get home from work I’ll snap a few pictures for you to make it clear in case I didn’t explain it well. I have a tendency to ramble in my posts and not explain things clearly.

@jmesser - makes perfect sense, and I agree it’s the way to go. I don’t really feel the crossbars of my tent are rugged enough to hold the fan and filter, I’d be afraid of them crashing down on my plants. Thanks again!