Organic soil amendments

Im a newbie, and got a question about organic soil amendments… what causes me to have to let soil cook for 30 days? Is it the guano I choose to amend in it? Does Bat or bird matter? And which is best, or is both good together? And if those are not the reasons I must let it cook what is? Then look at this list i got and tell me what i should add or really no need to add please. And how much water to activate it all for 15 gal. of soil.

My super soil list

4parts happy frog soil. Mucho and humid acid
1part perlite
1part peat moss
1part coco coir
1part super soil compost
3lb worm castings
Dolomite lime
Veg and Tom. Organic
Fish meal
Bone meal
Crustacean meal
Oyster shell
Blood meal
Alfalfa meal
Rock phosphate
Humic acid
Epsom salt
Bio char

Everything is measured out correctly because I love math…lol. for 15 gal.
Is the list good as is?
Or is it over kill?
And if you would use something different, what would it be, instead of what I used?
And if you would not use something in my list which is it?
And which amendments should I watch because too much of it could be bad?

I’ve PhD, it’s, and EC’d everything … water and soilis all good as is now…
Any and all can answer, but I bet my vets will be all over this one…lol.
To be continued


I didn’t see the guano listed?

As for the use of different guano. Chicken, fruit bat and insect bat are the usual ones. Chicken and insect guano is rich in N and fruit bat guano is rich in phosphates. I would be adding some of all 3.

The reason it ‘cooks’ is it’s composting into a medium that has made those nutrients available. Any manure that hasn’t been allowed bacterial decay is going to be too harsh on the roots. Microbes developed in the process are also beneficial to the plant.


^ he’s got you

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Here is my all organic living soil. I have had a lot of great help in making this and as I am venturing into something brand new and think it is going to be great.
I have mixed as my base-
1 part peat
1 part compost
1/3 part EWC
2/3 pumice
1/3 rice hulls
I used 5 gallon buckets for base mix.
then I mixed in amendments
Bio Live
Oyster Flour
Lava Rock
Big 6
N charged bio char
PK charged bio char
Epsom salt
Red wigglers
Night crawlers
cooking for 6 weeks, you can use clones to test how hot your soil is
once a week water with SI, coconut water, ThriveN, for veg and Thrive Boom for flower.
once every 2-3 weeks give tea- veg tea, veg guano, ewc, steamed bone meal, some alfalfa, oyster, kelp, in the microbulator for 36 hours then I add SI, mam p, and BSM before watering. For the flower tea I put in 0-7-0 bat guano to bubble up.
As I say I am cooking this mix up and I have 36 gallons of it to fill 5 - 7 gallon pots. I am going to mix up another 36 gallons to cook so I will have a total of 10 to grow in. Once this is all mixed up and you got good soil going you just chop your plant, and re use the same pot by a no till system amending craft blend, bokashi, kelp, and worms. then add some clover and straw, more worms and in a couple weeks you are good to go, and that keeps getting better each grow. And each grow you learn what you lack and what you are doing wrong, that is what I know, now I am going to attempt to apply it. Happy Growing farmer.