Ordering seeds to NZ

Hi I’m keen on getting some auto’s but dont want to throw money away, has anyone ordered seeds into NZ? Is it easy or just chance they get through customs.

There was a New Zealander on here that did but he’s no longer around because he couldn’t comply with forum rules. @Hungrybud is on the big island next to you and maybe knows of someone.

Ok thanks

dont think shipping an issue … why autos?

If you are purchasing them from ILGM you’ll get them. There is always a chance they can get stopped by customs but you wont get the garentee from any other site. ILGM guarantees delivery

Ok thanks

Grow quick n easy from what I read and short plants.

I have ordered seeds from ilgm about 10 times and only once customs got them and they did nothing about it lol they also opened another lot and didn’t even find them. If customs do get them ilgm will send more free and if they don’t germinate they send more. You can’t go wrong with ilgm.

ilgm have a lot of auto strains also

My advice to my fellow kiwis is to stick with what you know works for you and stay clear of Herbiesheadshop who I’ve started to think of as probably a front that was set up at the whim of the Spanish cops in order to entrap unwary souls like myself, If however, you are determined to continue doing business with them take the time to read their reviews and you’ll learn that their orders are quite often lost in the mail and have to be resent. If they were really legit you would expect them to at the least find another carrier who doesn’t lose your mail and to have upgraded their stealth mail in order to provide better customer service,

Coffeeshopseeds are great … got them
In nz everytime