Ordered some seeds from ILGM and all I can say is

Unfreaking believably FAST delivery, and great communication throughout the entire process!..Mailed payment on June 11 and had seeds in my hands on June 22nd. Now I just need these bag seed plants I have going in my tent to do their thing. They were 5 weeks old when I switched them over to 12/12 the other day…Had planned on letting them veg a bit longer, but also didn’t expect my white widow and GDP seeds to arrive so quickly…I thought about moving the bag seed plants outside to finish, but with this being my first grow I want to finish them through the flower stage in the tent so I have at least done it once before starting some of my fem seeds. I can’t wait :grinning:


You’re going to love the GDP.

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I just started a GDP last month, The seed cracked in less than 24hrs and broke ground about 48hrs after that.
Very vigorous plant. You will love it.


Yeah I can’t wait. Almost hoping these 2 bag seed plants currently in the tent turn out to be male so I can just dump them and move on to the good stuff…lol…As tempting as that may be, if either or both are females I’m going to ride it out to a proper harvest. I’m curious how 2 plants will do in my 30"x24"x67" tent. I know I should probably only do one in that space, but on my first grow with the ILGM seeds I plan of starting one of each white widow and GDP so I can sample both strains asap…Yeah, I’m impatient like that… :joy:


Same size tent as yours. 2 plants fills it up.

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Simply beautiful! I can only hope to achieve similar results. After my first go with 2 plants (one of each strain) I do plan of trying a single plant and some LST to see what sort of max yield I can get.

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