Order in which you take your PH and PPM readings

I’ve been mixing my nutrient solution, then taking the reading then, adjusting my pH, does the amount of parts per million from the pH upper down needs to be added into the total ppm for feeding. For instance, I’m at 750 ppm with nutrients then I use PH up and I’ve noticed. The ECPPM go up past the threshold of what I want or am I supposed to make the solution change the pH and then take the reading


Adjust PH after adding nutrients and additives… then leave it alone


Adjusting pH always raises EC, but it’s typically pretty minimal in the grand scheme of things. If you’re uncomfortable with the EC readings after pHing, you can dilute it with a little water, but it’s usually not necessary. EC numbers are generally more of a range than a hard number.


Makes sense and I have never thought about it. I’ve always tested and adjusted pH last. I rarely check the PPM of what I am putting in. I only measure runoff and adjust the input as necessary to achieve and maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

If I feed and the runoff is low, I’ll adjust the next feeding up proportionally. If I feed and the runoff is high, then I’ll back off a bit on the next feeding.

Not all plants will have the same appetite for nutes. My last plant required double doses of Jacks to maintain a good runoff PPM.


As mentioned nutes drivers PH down if I am shooting for 1000 PPM feed mix at about 900 PPM after you PH back to sweet spot (6.5 ph) PPM will rise to about 1000 PPM . Good luck