Orange Zkittlez help finding needed

Ok so we’re having trouble finding these seeds.

Fem or reg doesn’t matter but has to be photo “NOT AUTO” I like to keep a few ladies in veg.

Any help is appreciated

Even if I went looking I wouldn’t be able to post where I found them…

They are easy to find just not at ILGM site. My source has them in stock but not allowed to say where. Personally if ILGM doesn’t carry them, I don’t see an issue with posting where they are from.

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No links allowed but you can name a company.


Just the name of where you seen them @MrPeat would be very appreciated. Getting desperate if you couldn’t tell by the post.

My wife is germinating 5 atm and it’s been 4 days and no tails… which can happen to some sometimes and just be a runt of the litter but not 5 at the same time…

Not her first rodeo either, she the nurse of our nursery. Did all the basic stuff. Soaked for about 12 hours or so, transferred to damp paper towel, placed inside zip lock then into a warm dark cabinet for germinating.

She really had her heart set on these and me being a living husband like to make things happen for her.

If we can’t find them watch my perpetual grow journal for a agent orange x zkittle grow and cross breed to creat our own :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all and any help

Got half of what I need… found these in seeds we been saving. Few years old and never knew we had them, wife wheels and deals these so I never knew they were here.

So new question…

Thoughts of crossing

Agent orange x gorilla zkittlez?

Both from seeds, AO don’t know source but gorilla zkittlez are from Barney’s I picked up last year still in sealed bubble packs


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I think could be a fun cross. I don’t remember what the zkittlez is crossed with, agent orange has good lineage. It’s a 50:50 hybrid.

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Only agent orange I know of was used in Nam


@Grandaddy013 it’s actually a pretty good strain.

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Before I started growing, I had no idea what strain I was smoking


We still don’t we’re trusting the people with the seeds do

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