Orange hill special

I’ve germinated the seed inside and transplanted it outside May 20 2019. I live in the Toronto area. We had a long cold spring I read the plant will flower in October, but no mention when they germinated it. The plant is currently over 6ft. Can someone tell me how many weeks before it flowers? Thanks.

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Flowering won’t happen until the day/night cycle approaches 12/12. Cannabis is a photoperiod plant (autos are different) that responds to the length of day as it’s cue to flower. You can look up your area online to determine the point where daylight falls below 13 hours to start the flowering process.

If you aren’t in the ground you can sequester them in a shed or garage to artificially do the same thing. Of course indoor growers do it all the time.


Your location on earth matters … Canada 12 12 is in the extrememe winter I jus had discussion with someone ull be nice and cold when there ready

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Certain equatorial strains wont flower up there

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Thank you for the information.

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Given the date of the fall equinox in Toronto on September 23rd your plants would be ready around November 18th and we all know what that’ll be like. You should start making plans to dig it up soon and find an indoor space to put it into flower.