Vegetative growth time

I am in San Diego, growing our allowed 6 plants, photo period seeds, outdoor natural light. In. We could grow 6 mos vegetatively until June 21, the longest day of the year, and then let it flower with the shortening of the days until it was done. But it seems to me that it would either simply stop growing or go to flowers early even though the days up until June 21 are would be getting longer. My guess is that planting around March 21, giving 3 months of vegetative growth then flowering after June 21, would work best for maximum yield. Anyone have any thoughts? Rocky

Good question, I’m no pro and you live in a different area but my suggestion would be to go online to the farmers Almanac to find out when you should have plants in the ground as well as weather concerns and lunar planting.

Cannabis is still going to grow when it’s in the flower stage for outdoor.

I live in Canada and all the old guys I know veg for a month inside and have plants in the ground may 1st or once its warm enough.
Start your plants inside until they out grow the 3gallon pots then transfer them into their final outdoor garden area.

The bigger you get them in a tent the bigger they will grow when you transplant outside another thing strain will vary on the size to

You are looking for 14 hours of daylight and 8 hours of sun. Many growers start indoors and move outside after Memorial Day. I’m up in Santa Barbara County so a little different here.

Starting this early in the year can be a big problem outdoors.