Oops I did it again...and it’s awesome 😎

Sooo I got a second grow tent! I swore I wouldn’t but it’s way too fun growing. I sized up this time and got a 4x4 tent. With my first grow and harvest complete, its time to finally share what else I’ve been working on this past couple of months.

I have a lot to catch the gromies up on but here is the TLDR version. Pics and more to come…

STRAINS: Blueberry and Gelat.OG Kush, Strawberry Creamcheese CBD, and some mystery seed I found. All photoperiods
MEDIUM: FFOF mixed with Perlite.
WATER: Dechlorinated Tap
POTTING: 3 gal. - 5 gal. “smart pots”/ CBD and Mystery Weed are in 8in plastic pots
PH: 6.3-6.8
(with 6in exhaust and Pelonis oscillating fan 18/6 cycle veg. 12/12 cycle flower)
TEMP: 73-85 degrees F (We had a couple heatwaves)
TRAINING USED: All have been topped multiple times and there are now 2 trellis nets in place.

Welcome to my second grow!!!

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Still with me?? Now where did I leave off? At topping! Right! So I had a hard time transplanting a couple of the girls before I topped them and it definitely caused some stunted growth. I still topped them. To recover I let them veg for over 2 months and put the first net in place to train them.

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Now things were growing great and I felt like it was about time to flip the ladies into flower. Did a light leaf stripping and cleaned up underneath. About a week later preflowers start to show and my secret son revealed himself to me. Hurt me a bit, because he of course was the biggest and prettiest in my eyes.

I pulled him from the tent and smoked one in his honor. After rearranging the canopy, flower moved right along with my remaining 5 girls. We’re now in week 5 of flower and the garden is happy.

(The last one is an early morning shot of my girls and once the lights come on I’ll post a better one.)

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It’s morning for the girls and they got a big surprise. I installed the Mars hydro sp3000s today and I am over the top excited.

Looking good in the garden…


The ladies are loving life under the new lights. They are already drinking more and up a gallon from last time. Not sure if it’s the lights or not but I’m happy to feed them!

Week 5 of flower… not sure of the day because I be high and forgot to take a pic the day of the flip :sweat_smile:

Week six is upon us in the 4x4 gromies. Cruising along keeping my ladies happy. Light leaf stripping as the weeks go on to ensure light is reaching as deep as possible.

Close ups on the buds…In order of appearance:

Strawberry Creamcheese CBD
Mystery Weed

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