Only received partial order, no customer service response

Has anyone had issues with customer service not answering multiple email or messages regarding missing portions of an order? I receieved seeds but I ordered the grow kit and The tracking states I got it with the seeds. I’m upset because it was much more money, obviously and I’m not a green thumb and don’t want them to die, at least I want to give them more of a chance to live! Lol

who did u order from and when.?

have u tried calling them.?
i try not to deal with anyone that does not have a phone number and address.!!

When I ordered a White Widow grow kit from ILGM, the seeds and the grow kit came separately.


Thanks, that helps but the White Wifow seeds and Grow Kid showed they were shipped together and delivered together. I ordered other seeds also and all seeds came in the same envelope.

I ordered from ILGM. I’ve tried the internet. I’m in the US so I have not called international yet.

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I’ve used the customer service twice through yahoo mail and they got back to me in 1 day.

Last time I got the ILGM fertilizers, they came internationally; last time I got seeds, they came from California. I’d keep trying CS to confirm, but I think they are coming from different places.

Best of luck in your grow!


Thanks, I use gmail and their customer service email. I have been trying since last week, the last was sent yesterday. I figured someone might see this and re-direct my email to someone who might help me or tell me it was wrong. I’m guessing It just wasn’t mailed.

Keep us all posted to how you went with recieving the order.I am sure they will help you out they have top cred around here, did you try to contact them on the week end or during the week?
And a big thank you for your service its appreciated even by an Australian :+1: you will get all the help you need from this forum, great bunch of people.

@ILGM.Stacy should be able to help you

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Welcome to the forum. When you get everything set up and running get a grow journal set up. If you need help just ask. Everyone here is very helpful and we want everyone to succeed.

I have contacted customer support in the past and have had great service. If I sent an email at night I would have a response in the morning. I’m sure they will make it right…they more than did for me. Did you check your spam directory?

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good thinking Bubble.!!
gmail may have seen an email from an advertiser and tossed it to spam.!


Hey Tracie.

You emailed us right before the weekend started (note: we are located in a different time zone). We are a small team so unfortunately, during the weekends we can’t answer all emails within the 24 hours we normally do.
Your email has been answered this morning. :slight_smile:


Thank you they did, I just received an email that stated that the nutrients come separately. I just got nervous because the seeds came a week ago and the tracking said the nutrients and such cane with it.

Thank you, I’m excited to start. I just hope it works because I spend an enourmouse amount of money on medical marijuana oil and cbd oil.


If there’s one company you can have faith in, its ILGM. Really great team & support :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did get a response today and they said they are shipped separately. My concern was the tracking said I already got it. Thanks all!


Maybe its a blessing in disguise. If you didnt have an issue with your order you may have not reached out to this forum.

Now that you’ve discovered this forum, im sure you’ll come to love the community here. Welcome @tracieS


@tracieS some orders come In A week some come in 21/2 weeks They now have a bank in the states so the seed to come fast but I believe everything else though comes from Amsterdam

Thanks for your help @ILGM.Stacy

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We all get somewhat nervous with our first order, but be patient and ask heaps of questions on this forum, our main objective to you from the forum is to make it as stressless as possible for you to get a great crop,
So any problems ask us all we will get you on the right track, this forum helped me and now i have three ladies a few weeks from harvest in peak condition, this forum is a one shop to success.

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I did get the order and when 5 didn’t germinate they replaced them with 10. Great customer service but I’m sucky at growing it because I only got 6 plants out of the 30 seeds. I can grow anything and do. I grow herbs for oils and tinctures but these things, following the Bible religiously so my son couldn’t say, “ I told you so” because he insisted marijuana was too difficult and I couldn’t do it, have beat me!

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