Old stems and trim (leaves)... what to do with them?

hi you can make really good stuff with those. like hash, dabs and or oil. there are quite easy to make it just takes a little time

I have to do all stealthily. Nothing in my house so I’m limited :neutral_face:

What is your procedure for making dabbs? Or could you share a link where to read about it?

hi guys
I use 190 proof alc. like the kind you drink. ok I freeze all trimmings and alc. for at least 4 hours. then I took a plastic picture cut off the bottom and put coffee fliter on it.i held filter with hose clamp large one. ok I got a elec. crock pot and put in water and heat until steaming and I used a pryex pie baking dish. then put your trimmings in picture and pour over the 190 proof acl. very slowly into the pie dish it should take about 4 or 5 mins. to pour the alc. over it. then its time to WAIT AND WAIT it takes about 3.5 to 4 hours for alc. to evporate.and there it will be in the bottom of dish. be carful not to over cook keep a close eye on it the last hour. there mite be a video on youtube. I learned from a friend. good luck its not hard to do. oh I did mine outside so no smell in house. and it does not smell bad


Thanks @bud123!!