Old Feminized Seeds, worth a try?

Hi guys and ladies, im new here from the UK, been taking a good look around really like the friendly advice on offer…

I have only 1 grow under my belt using a cutting and that was just about successful, having done little to no research at the tine. so Im only looking to grow 1 first off for learning purposes.

So to the point, I purchased some feminized Exodus Kush seeds a few years ago online but never got around to using them. They’ve been stored in a cool, dry place in the supplied container.

If they successfully germinate, would I have a good chance of growing a half decent baby?
Approximately how much yield should I expect from it if successful?
Also, any recommendations on LEDs?

I have the following items already from the first attempt:

-grow tent
-Carbon filter
-Hps bulb and inverter (would prefer to use a LED to keep electricity cost down)
-timer plug


I think they would be viable. And depending on many factors like environment and lighting, and training or no training, for example , your yield could be anywhere from 10 grams to 100 grams. So cant just give you a number and u expect it. Most people are gonna suggest diy led build or quantum boards. Also many other amazon cheapies available that can do 1 plant like KingPlus Led, MarsHydro, Vipar,Meihzi, Roleadro cobbs.


Thanks, any help or advice is much appreciated.

I have been reading through some of the LST threads and trimming,topping etc.

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Its now 4am and im watching you tube vids by Growmau5 :crazy_face:


Good place to watch. I think those seeds will surprise you.


Seeds should be fine. Im tagging @dbrn32 for lighting. He Is Awesome! Happy growing!!


seeds are paid for and at your hand…so…why not? Go for it!

If seeds hatch…it up to you to provide everything needed to get a good harvest.

A PH n PPM Meter Set is CRITICAL…$20 online

Thanks, i did notice a few mentions of said items during my late night read…
PH is usually neutral here because our water is treated and safe for dinkinng, slightly alakaline i think, but will be sure to check…

Ive added a thermometer and humidity monitor to my list also

Does the colour of the seed affect the end result or just germination? Mine are not quite as brown as shown in the pic and one seed has a pale side to it???

Also, as much as i love organic, i need to cover my costs so need the max yield possible, can this be achieved organicly if using a good soil?

I know being a complete novice is going to be an issue, but i want to cover alk the bases…

I have some nutrient liquids from the furst attempt years ago but I would assume these are out of date by now?

PH n PPM Meter set are CRITICAL… notice the repeated emphasis?

seed color not important…if they hatch, it’s a go.

Organics are good, but, I can’t help you there.

Best to get a new batch of nutes. Fresh is best.

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Try running a search for diyleduk. This guy is in your backyard and working with all of the heavy hitters in diy lighting.

I think he’s doing some design work on his webpage right now. But you can find him on instagram and other social media.

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try these on for size, the kits r the cheapest high quality LED light u can buy,
from their selection i would use the HLG 135w boards.!!
in flower one covers 60x60 (2x2), 2 cover 60x120 (2x4), and 4 cover 120x120 (4x4)
when using 2 boards seed to harvest u can use one for veg and turn on the other when u flip to 12/12 saving even more electricity.!!

u will need 35 to 45 watts per square foot of flower area.
or… 350 - 500 watts per square meter.

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