OK to touch flowers?

Is it OK to touch the flowers? Doesn’t this damage the trichomes? I see pics where people have their hands around them. I mean, they look kinda fragile.

Yeah hands off - I only try to touch the leaves that are not covered in trichs… I mean it’s your med so do what you want there’s still gonna be plenty left but I avoid it as much as I can - the oil in your hands work as a solvent so youre pulling those bad boys off every time you touch it directly. Just my two cents :+1:


That’s what I thought. Didn’t think about the oils but yeah, I don’t touch them as tempting as it can be.

I agree with sirsmokesalot try not to touch them, if need be use gloves.

lol, I say grab em pinch, squeeze, rollthem in your fingers, sniff em all the time. Get all the enjoyment ya can.


Soooo… the trichomes aren’t that fragile?

They are tough little buggers. They use dry ice to freeze them and they shatter; giving us hash

Trichomes are fragile and i dont touch my buds unless I have to . If you do feel the need to give a nug a squeeze and have a sniff and lets face it who hasnt pick one bud and use this bud only as your tester. Every time a trichome is bruised , ruptured or knocked from its stalk it degrades quickly and terpenes and thca are lost. Yes its true that as the bud matures more trichomes will continue to grow but the trichomes lost from all the touching and squeezing never regenerate and you are left with lots of glandular stalks but no trichomes. Be gentle with your buds and collect more from your plants. Cheers mountainman1