Ok im done with it, throw it out

I dont know what happened

And its not like i dont know what i am doing
This plant grew and would not stop


Pretty wild. If you decide to chop it down, can you trim off the whispy airy top buds? Are the lower buds any good? Maybe you can keep it for edibles if you do that. The other plant(s) look good.

Lower looked somewhat stretched too. Not fattening up, just tired of wasting my time

Thats a real bummer. I know another member @VirginiaGrowBoy had almost the same issue and ended up with a bunch of small nugs when he grew it out

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I also grew a do-si-doe photo this year. I struggled with it but got a decent yield. But, the buds are airy, not tight. Very likely my fault and my first plant.

Looking forward to spring with a different seed.


Yes, I had every “budette” on its own twig.

Looks like you and I got a similiar oddity.

I got another one about 11 day old. This one I will keep it short at 4 weeks pinch top and at six weeks to bud room and slow this girl down

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