Not sure what to do

Hey all this plant has been in bloom for 9 weeks. It does not seem to be getting bigger at all. Is it time to just give up and crop it?

Yes it looks ready.

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:sob::sob: the buds are soooo small :sob::sob:

Maybe because you trimmed the stems a little bit too much. Usually we clean 1/3. The next time create threads before doing actions if in doubt. We are all learning here✌ I am sure those small buds will be tasty!

This the general clause that says:
Your grow may vary.

We all learn somewhere, start somewhere, and some times end up back to where we were. I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not a beginner, but I’m not an expert, and we all have small harvests sometimes from bum phenotypes. Plant a new seed, hope for a better yield, and clone it.
See? Even I have a few bum plants. I didn’t clone this one…

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