OG Kush Autoflower Deficiency Help!

I have a run going with OG Kush that is week 12 of total grow. I have a deficiency going on and I am having a hard time determining what it is. I had nute burn going on but cut my nutrients in half. Any thoughts?

All I’m seeing is some nute burn on the tips, nothing dramatic. Also some yellowing leaves towards bottom of plant, which is normal as they get further into flower :+1:


Those leaves look like they are inside and lower on the plant. I sure can’t see them in the other pics. I wouldn’t worry about them.

The plant looks nice. Cutting the nutes was probably a good move. How long has she been in flower?

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The only burn I saw was the tips as well. Why did you cut it in half?

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7 weeks in flower homie!

Nute burn. Wanting to cut burn down. I am using ff 3 trio. Ff run hot imo

It does, but as long as you follow their flushing regimen and work your way up to full strength, you should be just fine.

Pitterpattering between too much and too little is chasing one’s tail

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Idk folks. I think there is a deficiency of some sort. Look at the plant leave colors. Dark fan leaves and bright fan leaves. Here are a couple more photos.

You did cut the strength in half… she didnt look overfed from the start.

What have u been giving? And do u have runoff numbers?

I only did 1 feeding with nutes in half. I jumped them to what I had been giving. 3tsp fox farm grow big/1 gal water 1 tsp fox farm tiger bloom/1 gal water. Feed 2x a week. I add about 6 cups or as needed. I do not have runoff. I do make sure everything this ph balanced before I add. I am flushing this weekend. I have pretty much been following this feeding schedule. This is a photo feeding schedule though. It seemed to work well with my white widow run. But we all know every strain acts differently. I am going to add some recharge this evening also!

There are 3 nutes to the trio. And that schedule calls for a good deal more then you are using. Up them to 2/3 or full strength and stop babying big girls.

6 cups of what? Water?

Also an issue. Those plants are big. And FF themselves call for regular flushing and you should start watering to runoff around a month when rootballs are well developed and the plant can take it.

This is good

Even better

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I am at full strength nute wise to their schedule. You want me to double that? 6tsp bb and 2 tsp tb? I add roughly 6 cups of water a day but have noticed she is taking less water. When i do the nutes I am doing a total of 6 cups (3 cups big bloom 3 cups tiger bloom. Hope this answers your questions homie!

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Heck no. Keep it at 100% if thats where youve been. Also encourage Some Runoff… dont need a gallon out the bottom. Not even a half a gallon. Nice cup or so seeping out evenly will do the trick. And adding in that flush (and immediate refeed after) youll be running on all eight… hopefully

We should have started this convo with a support ticket. What medium is that? I always think soil but could be coco or promix…

Reason I ask is we completely neglected any pH talk. Usually it starts here.

What lights are you running at what height? Also relevant to how much plants eat

Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Ismile 1000w led 24" from top canopy
And yes I am back to the Fox farm ratio schedule!

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pH habits? :eyes:

All water is spring water i buy. I adjust the ph around 6.0 once I get home. All nutes ect. are used with 6.0 spring. Even when flushed. I’ve flushed 3x already with runoff around 6.5!

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This happened after you cut nutes im guessing. Thats why you see hungry plants.

I can feel your worry. It gets to be a real head scratcher.

Grow Big is the Nitrogen Heavy (6-4-4 N Nitrogen P Phosphorus K Potassium) supplement. Thats whats been burning your tips. Cutting it is advised as you are moving into mid flower. That is Cutting it, not completely removing it. If they ask for 3 tsp? Id give 2… maybe even 1-1.5 by week 6 of flower.

Tiger Bloom is Phosphorus based goodies. 2-8-4 is its NPK. So it covers A BIT of Nitrogen. Knowing this specific one I want more of in Bloom, id be more inclined to turn Grow Big down to 1 tsp or maybe less… stick to 1 tsp for Grow Big minimum until 3 weeks before harvest or more the minor tip burn though unless you WANT to push flowers (exactly what experienced growers want and rookies should avoid) This is a MUST USE in flower with Fox Farms

Big Bloom is the tricky one…. Cant even find a real NPK for it. Its ‘guano and EWC’… and both of those used in moderation are awesome. So follow the schedule here.

Ok i added recharge last night. I did a pretty heavy feeding. I am in week 9 of flower. Recommended dosage from here on out? I actually cut nutes in half due to nute burn but I also started seeing the same issues as stated above. Thats why I cut in half!

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They actually cut grow big out in final weeks according to their feeding schedule and just add grow big and tiger bloom.

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Big bloom n tiger bloom? Yea I could imagine so. Its pretty wasted near end of life. How far into flower are you? Date of first ‘buttons’ forming?