Off grid under light set up

Hi here my new topic.
I live off the grid in a housetruck we have a basic solar regulator 12 volt 2x6volt batteries.
Im really keen to hear what information there is from every one on here about setting up a 12 volt led light grow tent.

How much current can you spare? This is possible to do, but will be more complicated than typical led light build. You need dc to dc drivers and modules or led circuits that run at less than 12v.

Think more along the lines of the guys doing DIY flashlights than diy growl lights.


Thanks for getting back to me dbrn32.
How much spare watts or volts or amps need to run some 12 volt solar led grow system is a very good question.
I really don’t know.
To be honest.
Its pretty basic and we live very humbly.
We have a car radio and some small 12 volt led down globes for lighting and thats it. Nothing fancy like a fridge or tv been this way for 5 years now.
I will have to sound out what all the electronic components are and what watt age they draw. Go from there.
Guess there is information on mr google on what i will need to set up a small grow tent with 12 volt.
Not that i can get anything delivered while this pandemic is sweeping the world.
Take care.
Thanks for your response

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Well, you can look at multiple angles. One would be how much space are we talking and what are you looking to harvest out of it. The other would be looking at how much power you have available and trying to get you as big of light is possible.

If you’re trying to grow a pound of weed with solar landscape lights or an rv panel from harbor freight. It’s just not going to happen. If you want a cool project and to have something to do, and are happy with harvesting a small bag of weed, we can definitely do that.

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Im happy to start off small if need be work up to the pound.
Usually i have only experienced with outside grows.
My interest is to keep my grow going through the winter no matter how big or small to start with.

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I said we because I figured “we” would be doing some extensive planning haha.

Are you planning on building a space to grow in or buying something?

I could do either i guess.
Probably had in mind a small grow tent ive seen around on peoples profile photos on here.
And have that inside.
Guess there no harm in building something outside other than keeping out the cold.
I have a shipping container too that ive wondered how that would work as a grow room.

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What time is it were you are were ever you are. We wind the clock back an hour tonight.
Extra hour of sleep.
Back in the day it was an extra hour of drinking at the disco.

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People grow in shipping containers, but you would could possibly need some major power to make it work.

As far as a small grow tent, most of those are 2’x2’x4’. I don’t believe there are any smaller. For something like that you’ll want at least a 60 watt light if you use ultra high efficiency leds. 120-150 watts would be ideal. You’ll also need some fans, they will suck some power as well. Can your electrical system support that?


Well you were up late.
Im still 2 hrs away from midnight this end. Must be about 5am there now.
Anyway yep recon we put the shipping container idea on hold for now. Go for the 2x2x4 size. Maybe have that inside the shipping container then there be the issue of ventilation i guess.
I will look into what my system can support in watts.
Bit tricky as all businesses have shut down here in nz.
I was just on the phone to auto electrical out let 2 days before lockdown happened. To increase battery storage capacity and larger solar panels.
When I’ve got that info ill come back to you. But may take a while with our current situation.
If i knew the total wattage of led lights and fan plus extractor then i guess ill need a dehumidifier. If i have the total wattage of all that.
I could ask what size battery capacity i would need to run all that.
If you know feel free to let me know.

We can build light as big or small as you need to. As far as fans go, you will have to look around and see what you can get, then check power consumption on them.

Your battery storage is important, but you need to produce the energy faster than you can use it. If you have 100 watt light and say another 100 watts of fans, your consumption is 200 watts per hour. Assuming fans run 24/7 and an 18 hour veg cycle, that’s 4200 watt hours per day. If you don’t produce at least that on average day, your batteries will eventually drain off to nothing. More or larger batteries will just increase the amount of time before that happens.

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