..Odd leaf curl

OG Kush about a month into flower

last two feedings only plain pH 6.5 water

just turn lights on this is what I saw…

… any ideas?

Last run off was 5.7 with a low PPM

RH and temps? almost looks like heat stress mind you some of your lower fan leaves look like you may have another issue possibly spider mites the lower leafs have spots all over them take a very close look at underside of the spotted leaves with a microscope


Heat’s what I thought at first I even turned it down to 600 watts during this current heat wave

I looked everywhere and no mites those spots are all on veins and there on a few different strains but there’s nothing alive

I’ve had mites several times in the past, familiar with what to look for and they’re not there, I will keep checking

I’m trying to get a picture of spots, top and bottom leaf

Again I see nothing moving and no webs, if I remember mites used to bite anywhere ?

…this seems to be all along veins ?
Now I won’t sleep :frowning:

@Paranorman…ii the leaf curl looks like heat stress …do you record high temps and if so what are the ?? Next is this MG Soil ??? if so ill be working with you .haha .got the same thing .thought maybe broad or russet mite but not …got new 50.00$ digital microscope …don’t look like the mite …my prob started in soil and went on into hydro… cant make dam thing do the picts right …will post later …allways shows first on the veins …soon whole leaf speckles out .then necrotic and dies … what nutes do you use ??? @ asap iam on this .lol …been already working on trying to find solution … and no it it not a cal- mag thang … and Paranorman i know how this will sound to you …hehehe …But could you fill out a ILGM TSS form lol
ILGMTrouble Shooting Sheet … i want to compare notes … I HAVE DETAILED FILE’S .said like ARNOLD S. lol “on my plants” Hammer

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Good morning Hammer,

I believe this is a continuation from our other thread about those unknown brown spots/ necrotic tips etc., these come in flushes and I believe it’s pH related ?

The thing here is these are all clones from the same mother son will have this to varying degrees and some will not.

I have four cheese clones (stinky!) that I just put into flower, two have spotting to some degree, one has these few little Speckles on several lower leaves and another one has nothing at all

I’m watching them now that I have my new pH meter to see if the one with nothing develops these as well. These spots magnified are small irregular shaped spots and not round at all, and they’re only on the veins

I bought a new pH meter Sat. and I’m going to see if this continues. There’s no mites. I’ve scoped my plants up and down, front and back overnight and not one, I’ve had mites before, sadly I know how to find them

…and no Miracle Grow ! …my high temp hit 88 for a few hours when I stayed late one day at the beach, I’m guessing it was substantially higher at plants tops to cause that heat stress but besides that it is always 78 - 82 degrees

@ Paranorman managed to make that device give me some picts …

the fist is the underside of the leaf see the spot magnified they don’t appear as round to the eye … the next is on the leaf stem at 16 X they look like black flects . last is the main vein on the underside of a leaf … NOT Bugs at this point . But look at base of hair spots form around he hair … need to get Unblimished leaf to check but so far the worst the leaf the more black “thing” ??? my highest temp average is 77-78f …i don’t have edge curl …i thinking heat on that part …

Hey man, while I was editing that you put these pictures up and my spots look completely different ?

Yours are black and mine appear brown on top and gray underneath ? Also mine are only on the leaf material not directly on my veins and stems I’ll post some pics tonight when the lights go on after nine

But for the most part the pictures up above are pretty much the whole deal you can just imagine them worse and better, you know …varying degrees of this

I don’t know where to find those grow tickets but if you put one up I’ll fill it out

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@garrigan62 would be the one on copy pasting the form i saved one …some place … the first is a pict of a round yellow dot or dots that form only on the vein s??? first one or 2 then gets worst …these pict are 500X the black things barley seen at 16 X am gonn a seen if i got a pict of my leaf.

i know the quality of picts isn’t great .will get better for this tomarrow . click on pict in forum to inlarge Hammer the first is where it starts the second is a week later or so

Yeah that bottom pic is it !

that’s the same thing I have… I didn’t see any of that black speckling under 60x magnification but that’s the same brown speckling

I had it on my first grow too, completely different seeds from completely different vendors

…it looks like we’re chasing the same ghost

@Paranorman curious . are you using MIRICLE GROW Soil???

No, (I answered no mg above) ffof, GH Flora,

I’m suspecting this is pH related but I’m not sure

I just bought a new 3 point pH meter with auto calibration and I’m going to see if this persists…

I’ll get a sheet filled, out this is exactly what you have too, this is from that other thread we were talking about this same damn thing

frankly I’ve had enough of this crap @hammer …let’s figure this one out !

found it ahh ha Hammer… will get fresh sample tomarrow and take a pict at 60X and see if specks are visible iam DWC but started the mothers in MG soil all had same prob and diff genetics 3 strains Hammer

Lol I didn’t say it was mites I said to check for them simply as a possible issue if you are having a heat wave then you likely have the root cause figured out high temps will force your plant to drink far more and also can increase nutrients it draws at same time. This can create it’s own issues even with a low ppm a plant which is drinking lots can get toxicity or speed up signs of a deficiency Calcium Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants: How To Find and Fix It still just a guess :wink:

Donald ! Oh man I’ve lost a whole gardens to Mites more than once so it doesn’t take much for the m-word to set me steppin’! lol!

This spotting is something that hammer and I both have, it seems to be the same damn thing and we’ve been chasing it for a while and on several different threads

…any idea what this spotting is? T

I realize that[quote=“Donaldj, post:14, topic:6600”]
Lol I didn’t say it was mites I said to check for them simply as a possible issue

heres my thought i dodnt have spider mites easy to see i was worried i had russet or broadmites … microscopic …so bought a digital micro scope … Not any mite but …What the Hell …i dont stump easy …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but the scope shows things that the naked eye cant see or standard loupe… the black flects i mentioned only show once the leaf gets bad and see how the hair grows out from them or them around the hair … think its a necrosis of some sort but need MOE info lol Hammer

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Vegetable Pathology – Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center it may seem an odd ball theory but plants are plants and share many pests and issues take a look
Identifying Initial Downy Mildew Symptoms

@Paranorman . Strain Super silver haze ,Borderliner EXTRM and rain bow Kush … Hydro,DWC… Nutes A/N connoisseur A&B used for grow and the bloom formula ph perfect… Add on,Big bud / hydrogaurd . B-52… silica small amounts have used peroxide off and on / in between using hydro guard .ph average over week ave is 6.2-5.5 then H2O change… TDS --pen -PPM start and let fall a little over the week Start PPM 800 …In Door … air cooled tubes 600 watt mh6000k in veg / bloom 2000k Bulbs and ballist are solis tech … in bloom using solis tech boost approx. 700-750 out put …using 3 of these temps ,Day time 77f ave Night temps 72f…Humidity 85-night Day 62. ave … vent size 580 cfm intake 580cfm out let 4x8 blowers …dehumidifier Yes… Humidifier No … Co2, NO . picts are 300X magnification HAMMER

I still don’t know where to get one of those grow tickets and the one up above doesn’t do anything when I click on it

Everything I use is unremarkable and as close to basic and fundamental as I can possibly keep it

… but nothing’s going to stand out anyway. its across multiple strains and except for those black necrotic spots which I just checked again and I DO NOT have, those little spots are dead ringers, top and bottom ?


Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA … OG Kush, Super Cheese, Northern Lights

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? … FFOF + 20% perlite ( some may still have MG perlite, but I’ve switched to Precision perlite, a commercial product from local grow-store)

System type? … NA

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? … 5.7

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS varied … GH Flora, 800 - 1100ppm, superthrive & GH calimag

Indoor or Outdoor … indoor

Light system, size? … 1000 & 600 hid

Temps; Day, Night … 68-82

Humidity; Day, Night … 40-65%

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size 440cfm

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, … yes

Co2; Yes, No … no

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you … NA

bottom onlt on the spots …the ticket is like a picture …i sniped it cause of it’s form … butyou can read it and post the info … bear in mind those pict make the spects visible . 300X and the black spots "clik on pict to enlarge " are where the hairs exist under the leaves .its like they form a round them or them thru it …the yellow spots are what become’s Necrotic. as they progress … Botttom pict the round green dots on the leave i think are the stoma’s