NYC Diesel am I ready to harvest?

Can anyone please let me know how much time to harvest I might have. First time with this strain. Been growing for a some years now but mostly indica not sativa or as this one is more or less a hybrid strain.


Welcome aboard! I’d say you have a few weeks to go before you’re ready. When about 80% of the hairs are red, look at the trichomes on the buds. Good luck and happy growing!


Last picture has lots of white pistols and like @Borderryan22 says at least another week or two, but those are some awesome buds, keep up the good work :smiley:

Thank you for your fast and encouraging response. I don’t like to ask too many people about my grow, if you know what I mean.
I am really happy with this purchase I made from ILGM and can’t wait till the results are in on the quality. I have always grown clones so this was my first time growing from seed for me. Seeing them from a little seed into a nice beautiful plant is a high in itself. If they look and smell as good as they do I think the final result will be a happy high time…
Thanks again.


I purchased a USB microscope for my phone. Makes it easy to see tricomes. I’m running out of time now, it’s getting cold, may have to heat some

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