Nweedjelp ide tidying plant

Need help identifying sex of myplant

Some plants will show their sex after 6 to 8 weeks. With others you may not be able to tell until a week into flowering. Here are the signs to watch for:

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Is there a way for me to send a pic

Im thinking might be hermaphrodite

when you reply straight above the BB is a small landscape picture click that & it will take you to another screen that sez choose what to upload (your computer or from the internet) choose your computer & then choose the pic you want from your computer. it’ll then take you back to the last screen then choose upload & wah-la it should load your picture. I think you can do it from your phone also but I haven’t had much luck with that end of it.

on the phone i noticed you can only upload one pic at a time

Thought about this after, you can also (on your computer) go to the picture & copy then go back to thread & paste in the reply box. Don’t know if it will work on GIF’s tho.


Haven’t had one yet does look like a cluster f**k. Better call in some of the big boys. @Hellraiser, @kellydans, @Holmes, @imSICKkid, @Covertgrower. There’s so many more guys on here that I haven’t tagged (sorry girls too) but one of these ought to be able to help.


Looks female to me. Odd looking but still female


It might be a developing herm but I don’t see any clear balls/pollen sacks on it. Does the top of the plant look like a typical female? And a pic in regular white light would help a lot - and post one pic per post so we can blow the pic up. Good luck!


Strange plant but don’t see any male parts at this point.

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Could be a little early but personally I don’t see any male part. keep taking care of it.

Looks female, a little weird but female! Strain and breeder?

Im new to growing was skme seeds a friend gave me nothing fancy im gonna order some from here on pay day along with some nutrients and fertilizer…im using dyna grow bloom and grow nutrients…do u know if those are any good

How do you make a post on the forum? I can’t find any button or anything. Some help would be appreciated.

See the three lines next to your symbol on the right, top of the page. Click it & pick something like unread topics, a little below it on the right will be a plus sign with new topics by it click that and type away.

Im am sorry but i dont see it. I attached a picture. Could you point it out to me please?

See my logo on the right hand side? go down below it and it says +New Topic click on that (on your page) & you can start a thread of your own. I can’t write on the screen of my computer to make it more visible to you, wish I could.