Nutrients indoor/otdoor grow

Hello everyone,
Need a little help. After I diluted per instructions of. GrowTime & Seedling Booster, how much should I give each potted plant at one time. Seedlings are in small 19oz containers.(1 per container) also larger plants ,larger containers one plant each are 5 tiers tall. Hope I explained
this enough for you to understand,
Thanks a bunch, Im still learning. My last bunch was a complete failure.

Seedlings typically don’t need any nutrients especially if it’s in a soil that has some nutrients available.
What medium are you in?

Coco or any nutrient inert medium, would be okay to add nutrients, but a very light feed.


Have you considered using Jacks 321 nutrients ?
It is very simple. It worked great for me, and 6 months ago, I didn’t know Sht.
it is well recommended here.

So something I started doing upon recommendation for my grow shop, I mix my happy frog soil with about 20% perlite, and some fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 per the package instructions, and some worm castings, and that’s it. Just ph my water. After about 6 weeks you top dress again with the fruit and flower, and then once a month after that. During flower I hit it with a little biobizz bloom, and that’s it. Very cheap, easy, organic, and no plant health issues. That’s how I’m doing this OG kush. It’s on day 34 today. Just a suggestion, you may already have a plan.