Nutrients for Bloom Cycle

Hydroponic grow is flowering. Do I continue with the same nutrients (Advanced Nutrients) that I’ve been using during the grow or do I completely flush my system and go strictly with my bloom nutrients? Grow is at the ceiling.

It’s time for bloom nutrients if you are on 12/12

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I’m running lights around the clock

If they are not autos you need to manipulate the lights 12hrs on and 12 hrs off to induce flowering. Otherwise they will just keep vegging and you won’t get any flowers.

All my plants are budding I need to know should I go strictly with a Bloom nutrient? Since they are blooming the lights are on 24hrs

Must be autos, but yes, they are flowering so switch to bloom nutes.

For the bloom cycle what do I need for nutrition I have 3 blue cheese that are flowering and don’t know what to put on them. Stupid question but I’m a new grower but professional smoker lol. Bone meal etc what else and how much. Retired and limited budget.