Nutrients burn?

I think on of my plants may be showing signs of nutrient burn or some deficiency not sure.


I could be wrong… I see signs of potassium deficiency. However at this stage I wouldn’t be concerned. Are you checking run off PPMs? If so are they lower than what you are putting in? What medium? What about ph in and out?

Honestly being in soil you could probably go water only in a week or so, but I don’t know your exact medium, age, or nutrients being used.

Pictured smaller leaves show "painted nails’ (tips blonde) a sure sign of feed well and slightly too much.
Older fan leaves will turn ugly faster, after the over-feeding. Determine run-off PH and TDS and decide what will be fed after flush. Help us help you, fill support ticket. Saves time, for all. Forum available.
Good growing to you.

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Op @DEEPDIVERDAVE suggested filling out that information, and it would be helpful.

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