Nutrient Schedule Help!

This question probably has been asked a thousand times for that I apologize but the more I read the more confused I become lol. I’m about to start my first ever grow with an autoflower. I’m using fox farm happy frog soil and I’m using the Fox Farm nutrient trio and I was wondering what kind of detailed schedule would you guys recommend. I want the measure the amounts in mL per gallon.

Please go easy on me I’m just starting lol

P.S. should I use CalMag if so how much?

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

I use 5ml of calmag to one gallon of water on my water only days, I use a feed, water, feed schedule.

Here is FF nute schedule. Start with a 1/4 to 1/2 dose, as your plants need to be introduced to nutes.

@Prometheus Like @Zee said. I’m using FFOF on the bottom half of my 5 gal pot and Happy Frog on the top half of my soil you won’t need to add any nutes for about 4 weeks.

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Hey guys thanks for the help. I think I came up with a schedule. Let me know what needs changing

Week 1 Adjusted PH Water

Week 2-3 (Big Bloom: 7.5ml)

Week 4 (Big Bloom : 7.5 ml + Grow Big: 7.5ml)

Week 5 (Big Bloom: 3.75ml + Grow Big: 2.5ml + Tiger Bloom: 2.5ml)

Week 6 (Big Bloom: 7.5ml + Tiger Bloom: 5ml

Week 7 (Big Bloom: 7.5ml + Grow Big: 5ml +Tiger Bloom: 5ml)

Week 8 Adjusted PH Water (Begin Flush)

Week 9 Adjusted PH water till harvest

Also I’m using my teapot water so when do I add CalMag?

Sorry I saw the answer to the CalMag question lol. Also idk why my phone auto corrected and said teapot water. I meant tap water

New to this forum. About to start my second grow with fox farm happy frog, indoor grow. Using advanced Nutrients for nutes. Am I supposed to use nutrients from the beginning with Happy frog? Any help would be great?

Happy Frog should carry you to week 3 or 4 before you need to start using any nutes, Welcome to the community.

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