Nutrient/PH Questions- 1st Time Grower

Hi Folx!

Just checking in here with a new Grow Journal update and wanted to send out some questions on nutrients to the ILGM hivemind.

First, here are my baby girls- had some stretch in the 1st week so switched to a 600w Bloomspect LED and moved them into their new 24x48x60 grow tent home! I have 3 Critical Mass Autos and 3 G13s, in organic soil blend, running 18/6 600w LED, temps running 78-83 with 40-50% humidity.

Edit: one more photo without blurple light:

I’m noticing that the 1st leaf set on one are growing bent downwards a bit. It’s not wilt- not sure what’s going on there. But they’re growing well- added soil after getting a little bit of stretch when I was using a weaker light, and added some peat moss because my PH has been HIGH- like 7.3-7.5.

As far as Ph questions- my distilled water is running 6.2-6.5. I made a peat moss slurry that tested at 5.6
and have added that, but it hasn’t come down a whole lot yet. I was trying to adjust naturally without having to use PH down, but I ordered some just in case. Anyone have any other suggestions to bring the Ph down naturally?

And for nutes- when is a good time to start? I was looking at the Fox Farm trio- the Big bloom, Tiger Bloom, etc, but not sure if they’re too young at a little over 2 weeks. Also, how often to flush? Also any other recommendations for natural/organic fertilizers or CalMag? (Not giving calmag yet- for in the future if needed)

Thanks for the help- this forum has been great!


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Looking a bit waterlogged.
Go easy on the water, they like it on the dry side.
Distilled water is neutral. Checking pH is unnecessary unless you add stuff to it.

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Good to know, ty! I just watered right before the photo, so they are more wet than usual. But thanks for the caution! I’ve read that newbies tend to overwater so been trying to be cautious of that- mostly using a spray bottle and spraying around the perimeter to try and get the roots to stretch a bit. This time I had put some of the peat moss slurry on top to try and get some acidity.

Thanks for your comments!

@E.thewonder It may or may not be great for the plants in the long run i don’t know myself but I use lemon juice (ph down) and i use baking soda (ph up) it seems to not harm my plants as the amount used to bring the ph into range is quite minimal and surely dilutes enough in a gallon of water to not harm anything.


Citric acid crystals can be found in your canning section at most grocery stores. Good organic way to drop ph.


I had wondered about both lemon and citric acid crystals! I guess if they’re diluted enough, it should be good, right?

Good news tho- I just Ph tested my runoff, and after adding to top layer of peat moss and watering with peat moss slurry, my ph is down to 6.5. Here’s hoping it holds!

Thank you guys :pray:

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@E.thewonder I use the cap on the lemon juice bottle one cap adjusts a gallon for me

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