Nutrient lock out in Organic soil?

Im new to this so bare with me. Ive recently have came across a deficiency during flower. Im growing in Purple cow organics indicanja soil. Ive had no issues during veg with the soil but now ii believe i have nutrient lock out. I had them in 2 gallon pots and 2 weeks before i switched to flower i transplanted to 7 gal bags. The soil is intended to be used with in a 16 week period. 8 weeks for veg 8 weeks for flower. I fed them a tea someone recommended which consisted of Purple cow organics Cx-1 15ml/gal, fish shit 3ml/gal, Nector of the gods Persephones Palate 10ml/ gal and greenlife biotics inc (fructose and dextrose) .75ml/ gal. I feel like i over fed the plant with nutrients when i transplanted but i also feel like i messed up by ph my water and trying to get it to 6.3-6.5. My water out of the tap PHs at 9. Like i said im new to the organic living soil game i want to know where i messed up or did something wrong. Let me know what you guys think im not keeping any of these phenos so i really dont mind what happened i just want to know what i did wrong so i wont make the mistake again. Thanks in advance fellow stoners! :pray:t4:

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they just look hungry to me. I use loaded soil and still have to too dress organically every 3 weeks. They look hungry. Do you know what the run off ppm and ph are. How long ago did u give them the tea?

Some of them look close to done. They will fade and turn colors the last 2 to 3 weeks of flower. As well

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I gave them the last tea 2 weeks ago thinking i was burning the crap out of them they got yellow tips with in the first 2 days. Ppm i have not checked PH run off is at 7.1

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Ph is a little high. I seem to see issues if i am above 6.8ph. Organics is hard to lock out cause there are no salts to build up. I add soil adicifier to my pots. Or top dress. Normally 2 tbsp does well for a 5 gal pot. If your ph is out of range the plants cant up take the food.

Without a ppm reading there is no way to really tell what or how much food is in the soil for the plants to eat. Organicly I keep mine 1000 to 1700 ppm. It gets under 800 I get Deficiencies.


Ill get a reading tomorrow when my lights come on ill feed regular water. I have read that adding frutcose In early flower can cause my leafes to think its getting closer to harvest and start changing colors :man_shrugging:t5: Im new to the organic living soil cant really say much about the topic.

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Never added or heard of it. I just started a journal if you care to see it. All organic. I can tag you


@Axemanjake23 Please tag me in your journal. I also started one :wink:

as of today

I’d water with another tea at a pH of 6 to pull that pH back down. They’re eating what you have in there and your pH is creeping up. If your runoff is coming out at 7.1 with watering in range chances are your root pH is well above 7 so drop your watering pH to 6 and shoot for minimal runoff.

The other thing really important to mention and I’m no master grower but def make sure you are pHing your water correctly…tap water has buffers so you may be reading correct pH on the spot but then its rising back up, so what I’d do is make sure you pH let it sit a few hrs then check it again pull it back into range.


How many weeks since the flip?
The fructose/dextrose is essentially sugars to feed the critters in the soil. I use simple unsulphered molasses to provide food from time to time.
They do look hungry. Your PPM was 175 and that’s pretty darn low.
When I would check that in the past it would range from 2000 to 4000 ppm in my organic living soils.

You should consider getting an RO system and remove the tap water variable. A decent one I’ve seen others use here is about $60 and filters will last a year for two of them and 3 years for the membrane filter. They have 3 or 4 filters.
Like this one


These are 5 weeks from the flip my PPM is around 1600 as of today when i checked my run off. What do you suggest i should use to get my ppm higher? Recharge? Im new to this boss man I appreciate you guys taking some time out of your day to comment on this thread :pray:t4:

Top dress with organic plant food. I use dr earths

If it isnt too much to ask for can you drop a link to the correct fertilizer

Sure bud.

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U can also make tea with it. Directions are on the bag.

Thanks brother ill go snag a bag tomorrow morning! :ok_hand:t5:

This is an old thread, but…wanted to add, that this is clearly a lockout.

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