Going into week 9 or so, buds are looking like somthing now!! But these leaves got me worried. Theres 2 leaves on one plant and one on another. Every thing else looks good


You mention “week 9,” but we need to know more; Is that week 9 of flower? Or week 9 since sprouting? What cultivar is this and where did you buy it?

It’s an auto 9 weeks since popping. There about 2 feet tall.

It states 65 till flower, then idk how long after that lol

That doesn’t sound right. If I know the cultivar and source Incan give you a better answer.

Just need to know what’s up with the leaves.
It’s a white widow cross

I’m trying to help you figure that out. Seedbank?

Gifted I have no real idea

The I49 seedbank says the plant finishes at 65 days (an estimate, for the purpose of planning).

Your plant is likely in senescence. It should finish within a few weeks. You seem unsure whether this is week 8 or 9, and it’s safe to assume seedbanks will exaggerate the speed of their genetics. If you are at 63 days now, I wouldn’t worry.

Do you have a decent magnification device? A microscope (>60x) with camera is ideal. You want to start checking trichome development now, and monitor it over time to gauge ripeness.

Are you fertigating the plant? If so, what product and what % of the recommended strength?

Fox farm trio. Was doing half strength every other water. Last 2 feeds have been full nutes

Are those two closer photos of the same plant?

Yes it is

That has the wild yellow leaf

I’m going to stick with senescence. You can remove any yellow fan leaves since they can be a vector for pests and mold. Don’t go wild with it. Just the really yellow ones.

The detail photos are nice and the plant looks healthy, but you really want to invest in a $30 microscope to determine what’s happening. Your cell can get pretty close, but a microscope is ideal. Regardless, we need to see the trichomes in order to determine ripeness.

Yeah I’ve seen other great results with a few yellowing leaves. I’ll just snip them
I appreciate your wisdom myman

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Is that the only way to tell when they are ready
Im down fir new toys

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That 65 days is a very optimistic and rough guideline. Plant looks to have another 4 weeks or so to go. Yellow leaves are a sign of senescence as pointed out but also due to either depleted medium, lack of N in supplements or a PH lockout.