Nutes, amounts needed, have one plant almost at flower time the other, a seedling yet

Quick question, I just got some fox farm brand liquid nutes, big grow big bloom I think and tiger bloom, have one plant already at 14 inches tall, soil is also fox farm, happy frog. When it says 4 spoons per gallon is that to much? I’m gonna use big bloom then tiger at first signs of blooming, but was wondering how much of it to feed her. Bout one foot by 3 feet wide several main cola areas, I also have a pineapple exspress seedling, gonna use big grow, how much should I dilute the nutes for that one if at all?

Here is a copy of the Fox Farms feeding chart, you can download a better copy for yourself from Fox Farms, or better yet, if you have a local grow store ask them.

The items you are referring to are in the green section. If you were to wait until you see signs of flowering you will already be on week 6 or 7 in the chart. If you start with a gallon of water you would want to mix 3 teaspoon (1 tablespoon) Big Bloom, 2 teaspoon Grow Big and 2 teaspoon Tiger Bloom. Since you are feeding for the first time you might want to cut down on these doses and wait until next feeding to go full dose. You can add more water or just cut the amounts in half. It is important to check pH when feeding and make sure the pH is in the 6.3-6.8 as described at top of feeding chart.

Once you get comfortable mixing nutrients you should start using a ppm meter to measure the strength of the feeding and make sure the final strength is in the range listed in the dark blue section of the feed chart where it shows EC and ppm. They are the same thing, just different ways to measure it. To confuse you even more, the ppm listed uses a 700 scale, some ppm pens display ppm using a 500 scale. If you don’t know what scale your pen reads just ask, it’s easy to figure out.

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