Nute burn twisted leaves

if you always fill bin with water let stand for 24 hours make your mix up and let stand for afew hours then ph to 5.8 then why would you get nute problems ?

I gather you’re still doing what you’ve always done and now you’re having problems. Can you show us the plant and tell us a little bit about your grow?

If you think your problem is nute burn then back off on the nutes. Go to half strength. Just my two cents.

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sorry @oldmarine but i ment ph problems like twisted leaves my nutes are good take a look

my girls looking pretty good eh ?

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Yep. Gonna show the wifey. She thinks I need to grow more. I need to seal off some space for sure.

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Soil? What’s the pH?

i ph 58. and its in coco

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sorry its in coco fiber and i ph to 5.8