Not2sure getting back to autos 🏍

@MattyBear and @Covertgrower, I would gladly test either of y’all’s strains, I’m just not going to join the lab side to be able to do so. I could give you a report on how someone that has no clue what they are doing with the indoor growing thing and or hydro as well. I seem to have unknowingly started a perpetual grow
I’m not saying that I’m cheap just, seems like every time I see someone referencing the other side, they seem to get bashed. I don’t and won’t put myself in that boat. I don’t people very well, I reckon that it may be my training. I am making a real effort to change that at least on this forum
@Not2SureYet hope is grow turns out awesome :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


No worries at @repins12 nobody bashed anyone here. At least they better not.


Beautiful as always - I am not too far ahead of you time wise for some of my grow but the last two are right in sync with your grow - I’ll be following…


I will do this every other day. And just say when one is a week old. They popped on 3 separate days. And I am still trying to get a seed to crack for the last one. I may have to drop one I know will go so I can keep these tight together since now, the 4 in the big tent will all be in auto pots. The PK, CBD & XL are all 2/12 kids. The FP is 2/14 and the BC is 1/17

Top left is the PK and to the right is the CBD. Bottom left is the FP and to the right is the XL

I gave each of these about 15ml of water. I will water every other day. The run off. Remember, I am in coco


They look really healthy, especially the CBD. It’s like having babies. The germination really makes you feel happy!


Awwww . Look at the puppies . lol . This show is going to be good .


That’s why we are given the ‘ban hammer’ lol. I can’t say what @dbrn32 calls it as it’s a violation of forum policy haha.

The lab is run by other entities with different goals and not necessarily a good fit here. It’s also limited members to keep it tight.

@repins12 if you are serious about testing it may be possible to put you with those folks.

Sorry for cluttering your thread @Not2SureYet!


No problem. I have no issues with friendly post :grin:

Drop it like it’s hot lol


@Myfriendis410, yes I am serious about testing. I always like trying something new and I love a challenge, as you can probably see from my journal. Every time I just about get it figured out, I throw something new into the midst. My journal started as My First Indoor Grow Start to Finish. I don’t know if I will ever finish. It’s turned into a continuous/perpetual grow. I hope to at some point in time begin crossing the strains that are most appealing to me. I’ve done this unintentionally on some of my gorilla grows and came out with some pretty primo bud. I love trying others creations as well.
@Not2SureYet, I have only grown 5 autos in my entire life, the first 3 I topped although, I read that I should not but, had to find out for myself. I ended up with small bushes. Good weed but, just smaller plants. Everyone has been a different strain/genetics. I have 2 that I have not topped at all and they seem to be getting a little bigger. I will admit that I have given them LST from a very young age though. What has been your experience with autos? Smaller plant’s? I think that the last time I checked the largest indoor plant grown was an auto. I personally am not seeing it. I see that @Southerngal also has a very large auto. I think that I will continue to grow a few from here on out just to keep me busy. I think the next one I do, I am not gonna do a damn thing to and see what happens. I know that my set up is good and it keeps evolving all the time into better, better, better. I’m just not seeing more than a few to several ounces a plant. I have always experienced far more than that from my outdoor grows with photos. I sure do like the idea of autos and I will keep searching until I find that one that impresses me. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly welcomed :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


Watching, hope everything popped, only 2 autopots? Hmm I’m stoked to see you grow these autos man.

Just waiting for germination on mine before I start a new grow journal


Morning every one. I have 2 more a pots coming tomorrow. So I will run3 in the big tent and one in the 2x4. I have had 3 seeds not want to germinate. I want these all close together so I am only going to do 5 autos this round. I will grow the XL in a 2x4 by it self. And in an auto pot. I will do 3 in auto pots in the big tent and one normal.

@repins12, I have my theory’s as to why some may have issue with autos. Regarding topping and such. When I started out. I read the same. I decided I was going to try every thing they tell you not to do and see for my self as well. I found none of to be true in my grows. So that meant there must be some thing else causing it. I was a brand new grower and nothing stopped my girls. Honestly. The only threads I have seen where any one really had issues with autos. Are soil growers. I am not saying that is the case. just what I have seen.
I have topped as many as 5 or 6 time, transplanted, super cropped, and what ever else I heard you should not do.
I am not telling every one to do all this. Just saying. The don’ts they tell you do not always apply.
I know of quiet a few auto growers here that would have you think they were growing photos if you were not told they are autos :grin: For me. I would rather grow an auto over a photo any day. I just have really good luck with them. it took me almost 2 years to get a photo to do as well as an auto. And it took up twice the space to do it.

Now, on the the grow :grin: The XL, PK and CBD are a week old now. The FP is 5 days old and the Blue caramel in the germ box is 2 days old. I am watering the solo cups 15ml of water every other day.


I also agree, autos are awesome but you have to know what your doing otherwise learn on a photo

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Thanks for the response, I can’t even begin to count the probably thousands o photos that I have grown outdoors over the years. This indoor thing is new to me and I have only grown the autos in soil. I may give one or two a whirl in my hydro when I get my new tent set up. Hopefully very soon :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

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In my head sometimes when it gets stressful to try something, especially after I read not to, I have to remind myself “it’s just a weed. Go for it.”

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Well, I got the other pair of auto pots today :grin: I started by drilling holes in all of them. I am just adding in a security feature for me. All my plants like straight water every now and then. With that said. I decided to put a drain in these so if I chose. I could turn the feed off to the pots. Drain these and re fill with water. or remove the plugs and flush these if ever needed. I am just looking forward to any thing that might make things easier for me down the road… I can totally drain the pots here before I switch nutes too. Not sure if I will need this or not. but I will not have to worry if I do.
Since I use a scrog. I can’t just haul the plant to the tub if I was to need a flush for any reason.


When you’ve figured out the supports for the autopots and rez we can manufacture whatever stands you need. I still have a bunch of smaller pieces of plywood.




Nice, I was thinking of getting a little vsccume pump Incase I need to drain stuff but whatever works for ones situation


@Nicky, the pots I have are deeper in the center and the out side runs in. These bolts will be hand tight. So I can do a quick remove if needed. I guess I should make sure I can get to them in my lower racks they will be sitting on. They are 2" lower than my single racks.
@Myfriendis410 I will catch you next week for that. I will be moving plants this weekend to get the big tent empty. I want to get it cleaned up and the wires ran better. I need to figure out where or how I want to place the air pumps in the tent too. I may have you make a small tray for them too :slightly_smiling_face: