Not understanding what the whole OG stands for

As I scroll through your various screens, I see lots of reference to strains that indicate “OG”.
I’m really sorry to prove myself such an utter bonehead, but what exactly does OG stand for?
Must admit, I’m feeling more than just a little red-faced on this one.
The only thing that I could come up with was Ocean Guard, or maybe Old Guard.

Any clues for the clueless would be most appreciated,

tim oconnor

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I don’t know if it is correct of not but I just did a search on OG Kush…

Several results indicate OG means “Original Gangster” meaning really good stuff apparently.

I hope that there is a better answer as this one sucks a little bit. LOL

I had wondered the same thing but never went to the trouble to find an answer.



Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to respond to me.
I’ll try and get you back sometime although, obviously, my knowledge is somewhat lacking.

Thanks again, brother.


Hopefully someone will have a better answer for both of us. I just dropped 2 OG Kush seeds three weeks ago.

Come over to my journal for a visit, would love to have you join the journey.

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@timoteus So, I’ve run across the exactly same question years ago. “OG” means different things in different context.

For example, “OG” means 'Original Gangster" if we’re talking hip-hop…

HOWEVER, “OG” when talking about marijuana should be referring to “Organically Grown”. With that being said, that doesn’t mean if a strain is called “OG Kush” that it’s in-fact been Organically Grown.

Unfortunately “OG” has been bastardized like the word “Literally”. The meaning, depending on who’s using it, means different things. So one grower who is actually growing organically may call their strain “OG Kush”, because it’s literally been grow in an fully organic way. Whereas another grower may call their strain “OG” because well, it sounds cool.

I hope that helps!

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Ocean Grown (meaning west coast) is what I always thought, but who knows, I’m just an OG (old guy) :slight_smile:


My OG BG, is original Bubblegum. I use it like Original, as in original gangster


Depends who you ask. Old gangster or Ocean Grown. I think it means Ocean Grown denoting its California origins.


[Unvetica_Dream_Buds] Thanks so much for your, and all of your, replies. That helps a lot.
Who knows? Maybe I’ll just stick with Oh God.



@timoteus maybe og kush :slight_smile:

All of you had me laughing so hard…:laughing::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:
Not being mean… it was just really funny…
It stands for (ocean grown) meaning that its origins more then likely came from Humboldt county…:wink::+1:


Thank you BOTH so very much for taking the time to respond to me.
So, Ocean Grown it is, eh? Thank you Peach Fuzz.

You too, aussie123556,

Well, Peace Out for now, my friends.



That’s why (og’s) are so temperamental if they don’t have just the right environment and vpd levels…:wink:

Most of the results I found pointed to : Ocean Grown…

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I read that OG Kush originated in California, hence the name ‘Ocean Grown’.


Quoted from OG Kush (aka Original Kush) Marijuana Strain Information | Weedmaps

Del Rosso was the first to cultivate Kush in California, sharing cuttings with friends and fellow growers, and renaming it OG Kush (OG being short for “Original,” not “Ocean Grown” or “Original Gangster” as is often rumored) to differentiate his Florida plant from phenotypes cultivated by other breeders.

Much thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my mostly brain dead question.
Maybe I should just go with Ocean Gangster …?

Well, Peace Out, my friends …


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You kids. Don’t y’all know it stands for " Original Grandaddy" denoting it came from my garden
@peachfuzz you should of all people know this


Man, it is absolutely not Ocean Grown.

It is 100% Original Grow, as in it’s an early strain.

If it’s Notweed it’s known as “Original Gangster”