How To Grow OG Kush


Even those who aren’t familiar with the world of cannabis have often heard of the OG Kush strain. Originating from Florida, OG Kush was first cultivated during the early 1990s. Its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery. Some believe it was created with a Northern Californian strain known as Emerald Triangle was crossed with a Dutch Hindu Kush plant. Others say it was developed with a Hindu Kush landrace plant was crossed with Chemdawg. It may even have emerged as a phenotype from another already-existing strain. Even its name has been disputed. OG has sometimes been said to standard for “ocean grown”, “OverGrown” or “original gangster”. Whatever the truth of the matter, the resulting OG strain is an impressive hybrid featuring a very unique terpene profile.

Kush has long been the genetic backbone of numerous West Coast marijuana strains. Back in 1996, OG Kush first arrived in L.A. It was brought by Matt “Bubba” Berger and was given to Josh D, a legendary cultivator, who used this hybrid to create a huge number of prominent strains including Headband and GSC. It is famous for its potency, with a THC level of between 20%-25%.a

OG Kush – Its Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The buds of an OG Kush plant are fairly large in size with an indica-like, dense structure. Its leaves are a greenish yellow, although there are a few phenotypes which have purple traces which are activated in colder weather. The pistils are vibrant orange, and are very noticeable on the colorful flowers. The trichome-covered buds have a white appearance and a sticky feel. OG strain has a very distinctive aroma.

Very earthy and musty, it smells piney and woody with undertones of spice and citrus. When you break open or burn the buds, the piney odor is especially noticeable. When it comes to flavor, you’ll find the taste very similar to a traditional indica, with a spicy and hashy taste on both the exhale and inhale. You may well also find that smoking OG Kush leads to coughing due to its harshness. Watering eyes and stinging sinuses are common side effects. The odor also lasts for some time after you’ve stopped smoking, so if you’re keen to stay discreet, you’ll need to take extra care.

How To Grow OG Kush

OG Kush isn’t the easiest strain to grow. Close monitoring is required to ensure that the plants are in the right climate and environment to suit their needs. Mildew, mites, bugs and diseases are common problems when growing this strain.

Like many other strains, OG Kush has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks, and is best grown indoors in a well-controlled climate and environment. This strain grows especially well when cultivated hydroponically. If you want to grow OG Kush outside, it is possible, but only if you’re living in a tropical, hot climate that has plenty of water and full, regular sunshine. When the conditions are right, these plants produce an impressive yield of around 16-18oz per square meter when grown inside or 14-18oz per plant if grown outside.

The pungent odors that this plant produces mean that it isn’t the most discreet strain to cultivate. Proper odor limiting measures need to be taken, especially when growing indoors.