Not Sure What's Wrong - any help is appreciated!

Hello All –

I am growing two plants indoors. These are autoflowering plants that I started from seeds, germinated, and have transplanted to two different pots. I am about 3.5 weeks in so far. One of my plants is doing fantastic. My other plant, in a bigger container, and one that I only used Root Farm hydro soil mix (opposed to mix provided by “A Pot for Pot”). This plant has just recently began getting a few brown spots on its leaves and the tips of leaves are drooping a bit. It seems like a magnesium deficiency, but I am not sure. The leaves are also a darker green than my healthy plant.

The PH of the soil is 7.0 so I am bit high. I do have the root farm PhDown solution, but I am not sure if that will work in soil. Advice?

I have not been utilizing any nutrients, but do have the nutrient solution. Could this be a solution?

I have cared for many plants in my day, but first time growing marijuana. Quite an experience so far. Thanks everyone for any guidance provided!

Problem Plant:

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Here are pics of my happy plant:

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Plant going thru a calcium deficiency or the start of it. Start spraying with cal-mag.
To me it looks like early stages of it.


Thanks Sayyes2MI! I will pick up some Cal-Mag and give it a shot.

To clarify - Should I be spraying the plant? or using it in my watering regiment?

I’d start spraying it. Follow the directions for leaf feeding with it. Make sure to get under the leaves also. You should see results in the new growth of the plant as she grows. I’ve seen this in a couple of my grows.

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Cheers. I’ll keep the thread up to date on any changes.

Welcome to the community!

Much appreciated! It’s a pretty great space. Really enjoy exploring the forum and the guides.


Foliar will take affect more quickly, but consider adding some to feedings going forward. It definitely looks to be getting plenty of N though.


PH does matter 6.5 in soil.
Spraying helps faster but definitely get your PH back in order to be able to absorb calcium.

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Ignorant question incoming:

Watering the soil with the Root Farm PhDown will bring the PH of soil down, right?

or do I need to actually replace some of the soil?

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Thank you. I will do both.

What tells you that it’s getting enough nitrogen, colour? leaf development?

To test your true soil PH in soil you need to do a soil slurry test (goggle), also add the PH up or down to your water to adjust your water PH before you feed.

Nitrogen shows as darker then normal green leafs and then claws, the leaf tips claw down.
Not enough your leafs lighten up and eventually go yellow and die.

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Another question for you all - -I have begun foliar feeding with a RootFarm Base+ Vegetative (high in calcium and magnesium). My local stores did not have any Cal-Mag :frowning:

Should I be foliar feeding the other plant that is currently healthy? The research I’ve done suggests that I should, but I don’t want to over fertilize it.

It’s normally causes more problems then it’s worth so I don’t suggest it to be honest but if you don’t have cal mag your gonna need to find some, it’s pretty common should be easy find. Any hydro store will have some.

@nicky – Cheer mate. I’ll head to city so I can pick some up. I figured the root farm would work as a holdover solution.

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You will need to invest in a decent entry level LED asap. A suggestion for 1 plant—>

@SRPG007 Thanks for the links. I have ordered some Cal-Mag.

I have two of these LED Lights that I’ve been using. Is it critical that I upgrade from these?

Yes your going to need real lights to grow once your plants are about double the size.
Those lights currently should be no more than 8" away currently.

Don’t buy thst spider farmer they are not worth the money
Google kingbrite buy one of their lights. You’ll get a much better value and a much better light it will be at your door within a week or two so order one for your space soon.

Anywhere from 100w to 240w per plant it doesn’t seem like your in a tent. Get a light for each plant
Unless your going to get light bars to fill a space.

Two SF 1000 will take care of two plants. Check the numbers below: