Not sure what to do.... Helpppp

Okay so this plant has been neglected and hasnt recieved enough light, my other plant has been getting all my attention although I still don’t know if it is Male or female. However this plant is showing some wispy hairs on top so i know it’s female… What is my best course of action?

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I was thinking about trying to get a clone

Looks like time for a transplant to a bigger pot.

It has grown really leggy, I was thinking about starting over by taking a clone and cut down the rest

This is the plant taking all the light right now

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Transplant to a larger container.


Yes look at the first post, I dont know if I should try to grow the plant out or if i could take a clone and start over

I recommend cloning everything just in case. It doesn’t take much.

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The only clone i would maybe be able to take is off the top of the plant. I topped it once some time back

The smaller side shoot would work just fine as well.

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The biggest side shoot is maybe 2 1/2 inches long

If I can clone these tiny clones, that larger will do just fine.


I have never cloned before so what do you recommend I do ?

CloneX is always helpful. Or rooting hormone they sell at a big box store.
Cut at a 45° angle, dip in rooting hormone, then place in medium. Cover with dome, spraying the inside, the medium, and the cutting, wait two weeks under reduced light, and you should have roots.


Does it matter where I cut the 45 degree angle or anywhere on the stem?