Not sure if plant is flowering or not

I have a question if anyone can give some insight. So I live in the South East United States, and have pretty good experience for the last 10 years of growing. This is the first year that I have actually ordered online and purchased WW feminized and Super Skunk feminized from this site. 5 WW and 5 SS are around 1 foot, some are a little shorter and a little over a month old. Some are already showing white pistils which is no surprise since they are feminized. It is only late April and with my past experience, pistils started to show probably around June or at least many months after starting from seed. I’m just trying to figure out if they are starting to flower which would be impossible because the days are still getting longer and will until July. I didn’t order Auto Flower and don’t know much about Auto Flower but just trying to figure out why pistils are already showing a little after a month? Anyone have any answers or thoughts?

I live in Hawaii and made the mistake of starting some seedlings outdoors prior to March 21st. They began to develop flowers almost immediately and then I had a problem with bud rot.
The seedlings I started in an identical fashion but after 3/21 are all growing normally.
Anyway, I pruned away the bud rot and it seems like the lower nodes will continue to develop normally.
So I would guess that yes your plants are beginning to flower. Hopefully the buds will go into stasis while the plant develops but keep an eye out for the buds rotting.
Good luck on your grow. I guess the moral of the story is that just because we have the right weather doesn’t mean we have the right day length earlier than anyone else.

Ok, does make since. There are only a couple of single pistils coming from some nodes. Wouldn’t you think that they are just showing sex and will go into normal veg?

Yes, its the early showing of the white pistils that indicate sex. Stasis is the term I used for the delay between the time that buds first show and the time they actually start to elongate and develop fully. You are probably just at that point now.
In any event, like the weather, there’s not much you can do about it. That’s why this is a learning experience.

I had the same thing with seeds from ilgm but all it turned out to be was very early signs of sex. No buds formed until they were supposed to, except for two AK-47’s which started fully flowering about two months before the rest. Either way, I wouldn’t worry, from my experience they are great seeds which grow into great plants.