Northern Lights XTRM Autoflower Grow

Yeah, to cool or to hot for an extended time isn’t ideal and will ruin all your work. Even if you dont have automatic temperature control, at least seeing in there a few times a day to see what the temperature is like and make adjustments will help.

Day 6

I moved Aurora to her forever pot today. It’s day 7 since I planted the seed and I figured it’s better to transplant a seedling and risk killing it than to wait 4 weeks and risk it. I have more seeds and a limited grow time so I decided to take my chances.

Fingers crossed she makes it through.

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Did you get those fabric pots on Amazon? I’ve seen ones that look like that, but always pass them up, I don’t think they’re not Prime if I remember right for me. They look well made and will last multiple grows. My original fabric pots probably won’t last a 3rd grow.

I got this one at a local shop here in Massachusetts. The only ones I found on Amazon were some very thin black ones, which I returned because they were junk. They have the Dirt Pot too but only the handle-less one.

This is it:



Alright, I will be looking into those. The ones I’ve got off amazon for this growth are pretty good so far. Extra thick compared to the first ones I used.

Yeah I got them on amazon. Hongville brand, they are also prime.

Edit: they are pretty thick and seem like they will last many grows. I ran it thru the washer and drier(which says not to do, but I hadn’t read that far)

Ok good to know. I’ll be checking out the other one recommended also. Recently, I stuck with a brand called Opulent I believe. Very thick, and the handles dont go over the top of fabric pot. I hate the ha dles getting in the way haha.

I’ve been looking for ways to simplify things, been eyeing the autopots for my next grow. If im understanding them right, just refill with water + needed nutrients to the reservoir when it gets down to 1/3 water left. For me, watering has been either get up earlier before work to water or have a late dinner so I can get them watered at least a few hours before lights out. Yeah, I could just adjust my light schedule but my wife doesn’t know that.

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You might want to look into living soil. No nutrients need. Its organic, and I dont need to keep pHing my water every time. It’s about 7 from the tap, and I’ve had no problems with it yet.

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So I went 0 for 5 on my last germ attempt. My own fault, it got to cold. But im 3 for 5 so far on this attempt. I ended up getting a heat pad and little germ tray for hopefully better results. Even tho transplants aren’t recommended for autos, its my best shot to germ. The other 2 left to germ are BBA, been having a hard time with the BBA on my previous attempt too.

2 white widows autos, 3 Blue berry autos

3 white widows auto, 1 blue berry auto

White widow autos started flowering at 6 weeks after germ

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Living soil!!! Im listening…
Is it homemade?

How do you germinate? Are the seeds ILGM? I’ve had 100% germination rate from my white widow photo seeds. The living soil is bought, I’m not that far enough in grow knowledge yet. If you Google Natures Living Soil or Kind Soil. It’ll pop up with the companies site. I bought Natures Living Soil. I’m transplanting 3 in a bit with a layer of tue super soil mixture on bottom. Roots grow to it, and get their nutrie ts through microorganisms breaking things down for the plant to eat. 5 gallon mix will last 2.5 month veg and all of flowering time for feeding your plant. I think Budbrother could help with a home made super soil I believe.

Yes, what is this sorcery you speak of!

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Now I soak in ph’d water with peroxide for 24 hours, rinse and move to a damp paper towel until tap roots are about 1/2". Then move to fairly wet soil on the heatpad (78deg), dont add water just let them go.

Previously i did everything except heatpad, and worried about misting. They’ve all been auto seeds from ILGM.

I never looked into doing all that in germination. I just bury 1/2" maybe bit less in my soil, and without fail. Between day 3 and 4, i have a sprout thats appeared. Just have to keep it from drying out. Heat is a needed. I put them in my grow tent to germinate.

I forgot to mention. When you use fabric pots, you can germinate autos in those, and just bury the smaller fabric pot in the bigger one. I might destroy those fabric pots, but if needed its an option. I did it in my foower tent girls.

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Once I get a good reserve on bud, I’ll experiment on things. I stopped buying and started growing…just trying to get thru this first grow.

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I hear you on that.

The other 2 in the tray I buried without a tap root out. So ideally same as just planting in soil. What killed on my previous attempt after tap roots were out and in soil was my tent didnt get warm enough, soil was probably at 65Deg

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