Northern Lights by Ilgm

My first grow and she’s almost ready for harvest. How do I add pictures. She is doing great and I want people to see how beautiful she is and to see the great genetics from ilgm. Best seed company around…


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Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how to add pictures

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Can someone tell me how to add pictures

Please. She is beautiful and I want y’all to see her

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When you reply or post, look for the box I circled in red. That will allow you to chose your photo.

Wait until you see 100% on the upload before posting.


Congratulations on your 1st grow and welcome to the community ! :+1:

Welcome to the community!!

Welcome, @TyreeO , after you find the icon like @AfgVet showed you, let the picture upload. It takes sometimes a Minute or 2. Looking forward to your weed.

Welcome to the community. ILGM Northern Lights auto was one of the first ones I grew. LOVE NORTHERN LIGHTS.

Chop chop man let’s see that bud porn you talked up lol!!! :heart_eyes:

Welcome and I can’t wait for the pics. I’m thinkin that might be my next grow!

Welcome to the forum🤙🏻

Welcome to your new happy place :blush:
Someone want to bring popcorn and I’ll take care of the ju ju be. Can’t wait to see the ladles.

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Welcome to the community

Welcome to the forum! Great place!