Fem northern lights from ILGM, First grow

This is my first grow ever, decided to go with ILGM after watching ultimate grow dvd 1. Listened to tutorials, did some research then blew a bunch of money on equipment i had no idea i would need and this is my results. These girls are on day 14-16 of flower in the pics. What do you guys think? Anyone have tips or suggestions? I’m happy as hell so far.


I have the same strain, got from ILGM also, mine are on day 73 from germination. Your plants look real healthy!
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Looks pretty good. Happy Growing! :slight_smile:

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Wow they look good, can you identify this one for me, I’m a amateur against some.

Looking good, good to compare with others, my first time as well.
my girls about at same stage as yours


Nice i ended up having to harvest about a week early because my exhaust fan broke and i had no way to replace it. They weren’t quite done but still ended up pretty good and yielded 381g. Starting up a second grow soon with backup equipment this time.


Wow they look incredable, I’m growing NL fem. too. What was your trick.

Honestly i didn’t really have one, that was my first grow. i’m on my third successful grow in a row now. =) that was pretty much all fox farms stuff under a 600 watt HID and i pulled it a bit early because that damn fan broke. it should have gotten to fill out a bit more and ripen a bit more too but lesson learned. Those northern light though damn man, they were so hazy, i liked them a lot. I love it when the high gets your vision a bit and one of those plants came out tasting like welch’s grape juice, it was incredible.

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Which Fox Farm nutes did you use?

On that run all i used was the basic trio and cal-mag plus. i’ve since added a bunch of stuff and it’s working out swell mixing the fox farms with some general hydro addatives and a little cannazym. Been moving towards hydro buckets now.