Northern lights auto his she ready?

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looks close… but we need to look closer…

What do you mean closer

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need to be able to see the trichomes to really see if she is ready to harvest

also,…from the picture it looks like your pistels are still white

I have looked at ter trichome most are milky and amber bt nug look small

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not a lot can be done with overall bud size at this point as they are a product of the overall grow. if your trichs are all at least milky, with some amber…IMO she is ready to harvest at any time.

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I’d say another week or more but need to zoom up on the trichs

Thanks for your opinion got any tips for curing and harvesting

Don’t have too much experience but I hung buds for 4-7 days then cut stalks and put buds in paper bags with shredded bags in between layers like a bud paper lasagna I open daily and give a little shake for like a week or two then put in jars And then I opened daily for air and whatnot With the trim I left out under hanging buds for two days then ziploc then freezer for hash, butter or whatever.

Different angle would be better but will say if hairs are white and standing up then one or two weeks

I chopped my auto NL at like 103-105 days? Idk could have gone a bit longer but diff soil diff temp diff whatever could vary end time. This auto ak is beeeeg lol I took every branch and bent across itself and tied down and now it’s big again I wonder how big auto get with no lst or ties

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I think we need closer pictures like a close up picture of the bud to see how much white is left etc.

Thanks Vic I did miss that, I’m the worst going by pictures …the worst! … but that picture is kind of far away and the angle …eh

…my Northern Lights X big bud Auto went about 2 weeks longer than they said and I think that’s pretty close guesstimate for most Autos but nothing’s set in stone, some people like more Amber, but me 10 - 20% max

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Many cultivators give the plant about 2 weeks more than “suggested” flower time from breeder’s

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I know that’s right. Lol. Gotta make up for all the oops and slips.

When you look at the trichs you have to decide how you like your smoke. More milky than Amber is a good buzz with hyper tendencies, 50/50 is less hyper more buzz and mostly Amber is couch lock. All Amber means you are starting to lose potency and have sleep medicine.

Under the guides section Robert has a harvesting article to help.