Northern Lights auto and White Widow fem... should they be blooming at about the same time?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I planted Northern Lights auto and White Widow fem, and the NL have been in bloom for a few weeks now, and the WW are just growing like crazy, but not yet blooming. Should they be blooming at about the same time? I planted in mid March.”

The white widow need to be on a 12/12 light schedule to bloom. An auto blooms automatically with no light change!


Actually, the WW was supposed to be autoflower as well…

Oops – I thought they were autoflower, but according to my invoice, they may just have been feminized…

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Hi Allyson and welcome to the ILGM forums! That has happened to a few of us, but no worries. So here’s the deal. Autos will just do their thing but a photo you can keep them in veg as long as you want to get to the size that works for you.

About two weeks after the show preflowers, floweing will begin in earnest and takes about 8 weeks +/-

Without knowing any other specifics of your grow it’s hard for me to be any more specific than that.

There is a support ticket on the site that lets you fill in the blanks and then if you fill that out and ask other questions, we can refer to that and follow along!

Hope this helps! And when you reply to someone specifically throw the @ in front of the username like @bob31 and it will tag me (or whoever you tag) to come back and read what you wrote.